After Nathan gets kicked out of college, he needs to find a way to get his life back on track.  Spending the rest of his savings, he starts a drag cabaret with his friends.  The Faery Queen refuses to allow his friend Robin to work at The Wand and Weaver.  Only when Nathan uses his magic to swear an oath binding himself to her, does she agree.

But when the Dwayyo returns, people die.  Nathan fears the events that led to his expulsion, may have summoned the beast.  

Now, with the attacks growing closer, Nathan must find a way to save his friends and himself, before the Dwayyo kills them all.


I can hear the wolf howl, every sunset.  Moving in the shadows, who feels love, who spreads lies.  What good is magic if it can’t protect you?

I can still hear the Herald of the Giants condemning me, bringing shame on me, and on my family.  Then to help a friend, I threaten the Fairy Queen.

Through it all, I show up at work every day, paint my face, and dance against the night.  It may not defeat the beast, but it raises the spirits of the community. 

It is stalking us, hungry for blood.  We have to find a way to stop it before it kills us all.

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