P:SI #355 “Banned From Vulcan”

Stargate Coasters | Hugo Nominations | Green Lantern Concern | Lenord Nimoy Fights for Vulcan | Jetsons Movie? | Guliver’s Travels | Stargate Universe Photo | Quantum Leap | Cosmos | Marvel MMO | and Community Comments Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Wacky merchandise of the day: Stargate coasters (via Club Jade)

  • Hugo Nominations: The Picks Are Difficult (dashPunk)


  • Will Chris Pine ruin The Green Lantern? (dashPunk)

  • Trek's Leonard Nimoy speaks up for Vulcan—Canada, that is (via SCI FI Wire)

  • Producer: Jetsons live-action movie still a go (via SCI FI Wire)

  • Dr. Who Companion to Be Queen of Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels (via /Film)

TV / Series

  • Check out the first SGU cast photo! (via GateWorld)

  • Quantum Leap is on Hulu (via Hulu)

  • Cosmos is on Hulu (via Hulu)


  • Marvel Zombies Get Their Own MMO (via GayGamer)



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