P:SI #318 “What The Frak! It’s a Frak Pack Friday!”

Ning | Oscars | Spider-Man Musical | Yemen Cat | Lego BSG | Lego Slave Leia | KFC Frak Pack | Coraline | Star Trek Barbie Dolls and Prequel comic | X-Men Wolverine | Doctor Who Planet of the Dead | Abney Park favorite song | Eminemmy Hill and Community Comments Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Ning profile update (via Ning)

  • Why So Serious? Oscars Snub Dark Knight for Top Awards (via Wired)

  • Spider-Man Musical this Fall (via ICv2)

  • New Mystery Yemen Cat (via Cryptomundo)

  • LEGO Leia - golden bikini = Fanboys REJOICE! (via The Brothers Brick)

  • Frak!: A LEGO® creation by Ochre Jelly (via MOCpages)

  • KFC Has No Frakkin' Clue What "Frak" Means (via Topless Robot)


  • Coraline Trailer (HD) Neil Gaiman Likes (P:S HQ)

  • Star Trek Barbie dolls: Why it may be time to worry about J.J.'s movie (via Sci Fi Wire)

    • Trek prequel comic (via SFX)

  • Wolverine reshoots could involve Deadpool (via /film)

TV / Series

  • Doctor Who Special Set Pics (via SFX)

    • Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans to guest star in Planet Of The Dead (via BBC)


  • Abney Park! What is your favorite song? (P:S HQ)

    • Steampunk Studio - Abney Park: Airship Pirate (P:S HQ)

    • Abney Park: Breathe - Steampunk music (P:S HQ)

    • Abney Park: Sleep Isabella - Steampunk Music (P:S HQ)

    • Abney Park: Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll - Steampunk music (P:S HQ)

  • Eminemmy Hill does Doctor Who (P:S HQ)

Comments on Square Enix Lawsuit over swords (dashPunk)


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