P:SI #242 "Evil League of Evil Fall Recruitment Drive"

Mark Hamill | Rachel Maddow | Ghost Entrapment Business | Noah's Arc | Trenches | Unbreakable Sequel | Transformers 2 | Torchwood: Sleeper, To the Last Man | Clone Wars Preview | Evil League of Evil | Singles vs Albums | Del Toro Vampire Books | City of Heroes | and Stargate Worlds Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Happy Birthday Mark Hamill (via Wired)

  • RACHEL MADDOW beats CNN's KING (via Lady Bunny)

  • EPA Shuts Down Local Ghost-Entrapment Business (via The Onion)


  • Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom | Cast Photos, Pics & Albums (via Logo)

  • Trenches.. done for a month and sitting on studio's desk (via Shane Felux)

  • M. Night Shyamalan Talks Unbreakable Sequel (via Movie Web)

  • First Images of Transformers 2's Megatron? (via Latino Review)

rickandsteveseasonone TV / Series

  • Torchwood    Torchwood - Torchwood, Series 2

  • Rick and Steve

  • The Clone Wars Preview Special (via The Force)

  • Evil League of Evil seeks applicants (via E.L.E.)


  • AC/DC Guitarist Slams Apple's iTunes: 'We Don't Make Singles, We Make Albums' (via Blabbermouth)


  • Del Toro to release vampire book trilogy (via BBC)




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