P:S I#166 "Bionic Monkey"

Bionic Monkey | Final Fantasy Alcohol | Harder Better Faster Stronger | Witchblade Site | Get Smart Classic | Wanted Differs | Harry Potter | Paul Stanley | And Mass Effect Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.



  • Witchblade Adaptation Gets a Sexy Teaser Poster & Web Site(via First Showing)

  • get your copy of Get Smart the complete series hereWanted Alters Novel (via Sci Fi Wire)

  • Emma Thompson Cut From Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (via Cinema Blend)

TV / Series


  • PAUL STANLEY Is 'Not Opposed' To Idea Of KISS Carrying On With All-New Members (via Blabbermouth)


  • Hints about new DLC for Mass Effect found in PC version? (via Neoseeker)


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