P:SI #177 "Harry Potter Mini Movie?"

Ghost People | Milky Way Light | Sci Fi Culture Drama | Firefox | Twhirl | Disqus | Gay Google | Takai gets marriage License | Potter Mini Movie | Last.fm | and Slipknot Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Long-exposure shots in St Petersburg, Russia turn people into ghosts (via Boing Boing)

  • The Milky Way Loses Weight (via Universe Today)

  • SciFiUnited Leaders Part Ways With Brazeal (via SyFy Portal)

  • 24 Free Mac Design Programs (via Snap 2 Objects)

  • Firefox Reaches Its Goal Despite Site Problems (via Mashable)

  • It Was Bound to Happen: Twhirl Adds Seesmic (via Mashable)

  • Disqus Now Includes Trackbacks with Commenting System (via Mashable)

  • Google Is Totally Gay for You (via Angry Puppy)

  • Actor George Takai, Partner Get Marriage License (via 365 Gay)

Get your copy of futurama: the beast With a Billion Backs here Movie

  • A ‘Harry Potter’ Mini-Movie? All Signs Point To…Maybe (via MTV Movie Blog)




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