P:SI #171 "Dude! Where's My Pyramid"

Missing Pyramid | Watchmen | Friday 13th | Scariest Scream | Daily Show | Colbert Report | Debbie Harry | Judas Priest | Last.FM vs. Warner | KISS | and RPG History Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.



  • Watchmen Video Journal #3 (P:S HQ)

  • New 13th Reboots Franchise (via Sci Fi Wire)

  • VH1 Searches for the Scariest Scream (via Yahoo)

TV / Series

  • Surprise! Stewart and Colbert have come to Hulu (via Cnet News)

    • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Hulu)

    • The Colbert Report (Hulu)

get your copy of Nostradamus by Judas Priest here Music


  • Chasing D&D: A History of RPGs (via 1up)


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