P:S I #159 "A Wild Cat Did Growl"

Black Panther | Mystery Canids | Jupiter's Red Spot | Countdown Freed | Spinal Tap on Stonehenge | California Marriage Licenses | Dragonball images | ABC Player updates | Alanis Morissette Trailer | Balck Sabbath's Box Set | Guitar Hero IV | and City of Heroes Chapter 12 Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Black Panther in MO (P:S HQ)

  • Mystery Canids Killed (via Cryptomundo)

  • New red spot appears on Jupiter (via Astronomy)

  • Countdown Freed from appointment TV

  • SPINAL TAP's NIGEL TUFNEL Helps National Geographic Channel Decode Mysteries Behind Stonehenge

  • Calif. Rewrites Marriage Licenses To Conform With Gay Marriage Ruling (via 365 Gay)


TV / Series

  • ABC Launching Upgraded Video Player For Fall Season (via Mashable)

alanis morissette flavors of entanglement Music


  • Linkin Park for Guitar Hero IV (via Kerrang)

  • City of Heroes Issue 12 Comic Book is Now Available! (via City of Heroes)



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