P:S I #157 "Prescient People"

Never Say I Want | Babylon Poem | First Dinosaur Tracks | Prescient People | 100 Explosions on the Moon | Beast with a Billion Backs | Expanding Hulu | Metal Marathon | NIN Face | Free Filk | Last.fm | D&D | Rockband Album Update | and City of Heroes CH 12 Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Life as a Story & Babylon, by Robert Graves (P:S Symposium Thanks Bill)

  • Never Say, “I want” (P:S Symposium)

  • First dinosaur tracks found in Arabian Peninsula (via Yahoo News / Reuters)

  • Researchers say we can all see into the future (via Device)

  • 100 Explosions on the Moon (via NASA)

get your copy of futurama: Beast with a Billion Backs here! TV / Series


  • VH1 CLASSIC Celebrates Metal With A Memorial Day Weekend Marathon (via Blabbermouth)

  • Nine Inch Nails Facebook Page (via Nine Inch Nails)

  • Filk available via free streaming (via Eli)

  • Building the Next Last.fm (via Last FM)




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