P:S I #156 "Del Toro's Death Lair"

Del Toro's Page | Transformers 2 | Dr. Horrible | Moffat Takes Charge | Filk Sing | Ace Frehley's Summer Release | And WiiWare Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Del Toro's Notebook Page for the angel of Death's Lair (via Hellboy II)

  • Transformers 2 Secrets Revealed! (via Sci Fi Wire)

  • Whedon's Dr. Horrible Almost Done (via Sci Fi Wire)

TV / Series


  • Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a hybrid Accord (P:S Symposium)

  • ACE FREHLEY Says He's Shooting For Early Summer Release For New Solo Album (via Blabbermouth)

Get your copy of Fate's Harrow: Black Moon Rising here! Game

  • WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week (via Crave)


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