P:SI #275 “Vader Say Manamana”

FriendFeed | Mike Bennett | Force Field IRL | New Species | Manamana | Star Wars | Don’t Hate Naff | YouTube Movies | Batman v. Batman | Were the World Mine | Star Trek Posters | Captain America | Midnight Myers | and Legend of Neil 2 Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • FriendFeed Launches Instant Messaging Client (via louisgray)

  • Mike Bennett’s New Podcast (via P:S HQ)

  • Theoretical Force Field Could Make Space Travel Safer (via Beam Me Up)

  • 5300 New Species Found (via Cryptomundo)

  • Star Wars MANAMANA Music Video (P:S HQ)


  • Early Star Wars Storyboards (via Flickr)

  • PredAlien Concept Maquette (via /Film)

  • MGM’s Full Length Movies Coming to YouTube (via Machable)

  • Batman Sues Christopher Nolan (via /Film)

  • Were the World Mine (Secret Dot)

  • New Kirk/Spock Posters (dashPunk)

  • Joe Johnston to Direct Captain America (via /Film)

  • Meyer To Finish Midnight Sun Someday? (dashPunk)

  • Twilight Fans Start Mini Riot in San Francisco (via /Film)

TV / Series

  • Legend of Neil Season 2 Confirmed (dashPunk)



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