P:SI #252 “Girl Genius and Roadrunner and Hobbits, Oh My!”

Magic of Oz | Interview with Kaja Foglio | Sci-Fi Pulp Illustrations | Steam Wars | Yoda Cake | the Guild | Spirituality | Theater or Renter | Dunwich Horror | Guillermo and the Hobbit | Ikki Tousen | Roadrunner United DVD | Face Palm: Google & last fm | Neil Gaiman readings | after Watchmen | Rogue Squadron | and Stargate Worlds Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • A Second Life Location: Magic Of Oz (dashPunk)

  • Interview: Kaja Foglio on Girl Genius Movie/Series (dashPunk)

  • A Loudly Lurid Universe of Sci-Fi Pulp Illustration (via Dark Roasted Blend)

  • Steam Wars: Return of the Jedi (via Topless Robot)

  • Lifesize Yoda Cake = Yum (via Star Wars)

  • The Guild at Blizzcon!! (via The Guild)

  • Spirituality, “The Devil and the Monk” (dashPunk)


  • Theater or Renter October 2008 (dashPunk)

  • The Dunwich Horror: Sweet… Horrendipity? (via Coilhouse)

  • Guillermo del Toro Tries To Explain The Hobbit Sequel (via /film)

TV / Series

  • Ikki Tousen on Hulu (via Hulu)


  • 'Roadrunner United The Concert' Double DVD Set Documenting Historic Celebration Due In December (via Blabbermouth)

  • Face Palm, It’s About Time!

    • Google puts tunes from YouTube a click away (via Hearld Tribune)

    • Last.fm Brings Back Part of the Album Jacket With Song Lyrics (via Mashable)

graveyard_book Books

  • Neil Gaiman readings for Graveyard book tour (via Neil Gaiman)

  • After ‘Watchmen,’ WB Plans ‘Superman: Red Son’ And ‘Batman: Black & White’ Motion Comics (via Mtv)




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