P:SI #256 “White Zombie in a Box… ‘Go Home’”

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  • Batman theme composer Hefti dies (via BBC)

  • Survey Hints at iTunes Gift Cards for Specific Shows and Movies (via Gizmodo)

  • Chipmunk Trooper Whisperer (via Star Wars)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: The Shameful Lingerie (via Topless Robot)

  • Robocop's Sweet Ride (Updated) (via Topless Robot)

  • Freakier Than Monkeys!? - Episode #255 comments (P:S HQ)


  • Jovovich Confirmed For Clock (via Sci Fi Wire)

  • Greatest Supernatural Horror ever Wuthering Heights (via Hulu)

  • J.J. Abrams Reveals New Star Trek Movie Running Time (via Trekweb)

TV / Series

  • Ghost Hunters Full episode s4 e17 "Speaking with the Dead" (P:S HQ)

  • ABC extends 'Eli Stone' order (via Digital Spy)

  • NBC Develops New Argonauts (via Sci Fi Wire)

  • Kenneth Johnson Responds to ABC’s New V TV Show (via Sci Fi Cool)






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