P:SI #253 “Kevin Smith says Watch it, Slacker”

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  • World's first flying car, to ship late next year (via Beam Me Up)

  • CALL TO ARMS! HELP ABNEY PARK (via Abney Park)

  • Toy Modder Extraordinaire Steampunks Return of the Jedi (via Gizmodo)

  • Robert Heinlein Explains How to Write for Money (via iO9)

  • Debbie Martyr Rediscovers Extinct Muntjac (via Cryptomundo)

  • Are Submission Guidelines Important? (via dashPunk)

  • What Costume Will You Wear For Halloween? (via dashPunk)


  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on DVD (dashPunk)

  • Dragonheart on Hulu (via Hulu)

  • Kevin Smith Talks about Slacker, Now on Hulu (via Hulu)

  • Hulk To Be The Villain In The Avengers? (via Filmonic)

  • Casting Rumor: Ryan Gosling as The Green Lantern? (via /film)

  • Bill Murray Calls For Female Ghostbuster In Third Film (via MTV Blog)

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TV / Series

  • Knight Rider: Journey to the End of the Knight (via Hulu)

  • Eureka: From Fear to Eternity (via Hulu)

  • Nightsisters and The Clone Wars (via Star Wars)

  • Fantasy Casting: Who should star in the umpteenth US "Absolutely Fabulous" remake? (via After Elton)

  • ABC Develops New V (via Sci Fi Wire)




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