P:SI # 61 - "Return of the Lost TV"

Queen's Wii | Soul Calibur gets the Force | Dead Again Again | Trivium Screams Again | Roadrunner Twofers | Rocketeer 2 | Kane Cast | Childhood's End | Reviving Series | and E. Pluribus Wiggum, Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.

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Theme Song: Immigrant Song by Ann Wilson


  • Her Majesty may become a 'Nintendo addict' (via Crave)
  • Darth Vader And Yoda To Star In Soul Calibur IV (via Gay Gamer)


  • TYPE O NEGATIVE Announce Dead Again Special Editions And New Video Premiere (via BW&BK)
  • TRIVIUM To Bring Back 'Some Of The Screaming' On Upcoming Album (via Blabbermouth)
  • Roadrunner To Reissue Titles From SEPULTURA, LIFE OF AGONY And More In "Two-For-One" Series (via BW&BK)


  • High-Flying Hero Billy Campbell Wants Return Of Rocketeer (via MTV Movie Blog)
  • Boys Don't Cry Director Tackles Trippy Scifi Classic (via io9)


  • Should The Corpses of Dead SciFi Shows Be Revived? (via SF Signal)
  • Simpsons episode E. Pluribus Wiggum (P:S HQ)


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