P:SI #44 - "Sharing Made Easy"

Sharing Made Easy | StarTrek.com Red Shirting Explained | Ricci on Racer | DVD's to sadden and wow | Dr Who Guest Stars | Tarja's Winter Storm in the States | Sony Media Manager | and Crisis Core Release Date, Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.

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  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Vol. Two - The War Years is out today! (P:S Symposium)
  • Doctor Who
      • Jennifer Saunders tipped as the next Dr Who (via Daily Mail)
      • Georgia Moffett, the daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, to guest star (via bbc.co.uk)


      • Pamela Moore Interview
      • TARJA TURUNEN - US Release Date For My Winter Storm Announced (via Brave Worlds)


      • Sony's Media Manager Software Now For Free (via Gay Gamer)
      • Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core: US Release Date Announced. (via Gay Gamer)
      • Wii virtual console releases for this week (via Crave)
      Cybernator (1993, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii points)--Finally, a sci-fi game that addresses the dwindling fossil fuels issue! Cybernator takes place in the distant future where you must clear seven challenging stages. However, you may not solve the world's energy problems.
      Alien Storm (1991, Sega Genesis, 800 Wii points)--What is a Wii virtual console release without a side-scrolling action game? Alien Storm has you take on eight stages and more bosses than what the arcade original offered.
      Monster Lair (1989, Turbografx16, 800 Wii points)--Monster Lair is a side-scrolling shooter that takes you through 14 rounds of nonstop comical action and is the third game in the Wonder Boy series.

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