Open Source Fiction

Origin and Goal

I started using the Creative Commons License with the release of mybook, Shine like Thunder.  The experience was a little empty for me.  The text was available, but so much about the world was still walled off from my readers.

Alexander M Zoltai pointed me to a blog post he wrote about what Cheryl Ives is doing with her book Timeless:

I am building a core story (previously known as a novel) and inviting everyone who loves it, me (or both!) to help create as I write, and help build a multimedia creative experience (Open Source | Timeless).

I decided to not only share the core story as I write it, but since I am a Scifi/Fantasy writer, to make my notes available as well.

The goal is to encourage artist, musicians, filmmakers, vidders, writers, and game designers to play with the world in a free to play sort of a way.  I am open to licensing the worlds to "for profit" ventures, but I thought the community should benefit from any "for profit" work.

Governance Philosophy

I will post draft and finished versions of the core setting and story to dashPunk.  These will be free to read online, and pay to download (once they are out of draft) via Scribd, Amazon, and any other retailer we choose to make them available through.

The project is open to all non-commercial ventures, and I will be linking to those projects as I learn about them.  Nothing will be added to the core story from outside contributors until an agreement is made between their creator and dashPunk Media.

How it works

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part in the Project, here is what we are doing:

  • We will post the core content on dashPunk under a Creative Commons License.
  • You can play with the worlds, producing your own creative works under the license.
  • Join the Project via our easy to use sign up (here).
  • We will link to your work and promote it from dashPunk.

It's that easy!