Adventure, trials, and mystery, new students face all of these as they enter the Labyrinth of Souls.

Raih never imagined she would attend a prestigious magic school, or be sent into a labyrinth full of spirits and monsters to find her calling as soon as she arrived.

When she her invitation arrived, she celebrated. Her whole life changed over night. Death and misfortune took her parents and her life peaceful from her. She’d learned to fight on the streets, but petty thieves are nothing compared mysteries beneath the school.

Now, she is trapped underground surrounded by monsters, and she can't leave until she solves the labyrinth. In this dark underworld, she meets Jodhaa, a stranger who experienced horrors of the world first hand.

After a monster attacks, they have to find a way to survive long enough to find their place in the world and escape the labyrinth. Surrounded by secrets and filled with uncertainty and fear, how will they make their way out before the dark powers consume them?