Our Solemn Hour


Our Solemn Hour

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Help keep Our Solemn Hour coming to you.  This project is brought to you through my love of the story, setting, and characters; as well as your gracious support.

If you would like to donate to this project we have several levels at which you can give.

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If you read a story on Wattpad, and want to say Thank You, this is the same cost as a month subscription to the Our Solemn Hour Zine.

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If you read the stories on Wattpad, and would like to give for a year of Our Solemn Hour in Advance.  This is the same price as a year of the Our Solemn Hour Zine.

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Sponsors Circle: If you would would like to sponsor a the next issue of Our Solemn Hour and be mentioned in the next zines Acknowledgements.

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