My First Video To Share With dashPunk

Here is my first video to share with the new dashpunk. The Buffy Fly Away video was started five years ago right after the death of someone close to me died. I have tried to work on this video numerous times but never good really give it all my effort because my thought would return to that bad time in my life. This the third and final cut of this video. Remember, there is no shame in grief.

Vidding is Free Speech

By jonathan mcintoshVidding is the art and craft of remixing video and music to produce an original work.  I keep getting asked, is this free speech or not?

I am not a lawyer

Legality is (unfortunately) in the eye of the copyright holders.  Some rights holders would rather maintain a stranglehold on their properties than allow free promotion of their works.  I think a better question than "are vids legal" is "should vids be legal?"

They paved paradise...

Vidding to me is a natural expression of fandom and  a proper use of a fan's fair use rights.

Copyright is intended to maintain the profitability of a creative work for those who poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making it.  I have no problem with a creative person making money off the fruit of their labors, but entertainment designers need to think about how and why they make money, and if the answer is licensing fees, they need to find a new job.

Fan Love = Money

Let me take a moment to talk directly to my fellow entertainment designers.

Hey guys and gals, I know some of you already know this but we need to bring some peer pressure on those who don't.  If you want to make money, you need people to like you, even better if you can make them fall in love.

I know, love a scary thing, and relationships are hard.  You have to develop listening skills, and actually care how your actions affect others.  The risk is worth the rewards. 

As your relationship with your fans grows, they will start participating in the media.  They will make art, filk, and fanfiction.  If they really love you, they will take the time to make a vid.  I know it is scary to have someone other than you edit your work, but they will then share it with others who have never heard of you.

Love is risky.  It is hard to put yourself out there, without risk, there are no rewards.  If you make it hard for people to love you, they will walk away, leaving you cold and alone and eventually walking the streets wondering why no one dares to care for you anymore.  You will end up spending all you time and money on ad agencies who, let's face it, are little more than the dating sites for media.

Don't make it hard to love you.  Relax, take it easy, and you'll find your relationships worth wild.

Vidding as fair use

If you are not making money off your vids, or reproducing copyrighted content verbatim, they no one should be able to argue that you have made a copy.

A copy is an identical, frame by frame reproduction of a work without alteration.  A derivative is reproducing a work with alterations, and so not as you are not reproducing a work in its entirety, I cannot see how anyone could see that new work as a product that violates copyright.

If I make a 5 minute video from a 90 minute movie, how is that a copy of the movie?

But what about the music?

I am not sure I want to go down this rabbit hole at this moment in time, but I think music is something very different from video.

If no one ever hears a song, it will never be heard.  That may be the dumbest sentence I have ever typed, but I think it makes an important point.

While I believe musicians should make money off their work, I am not convinced that a musician has a right to a fee for non-comercial uses of their music.  If I use music in a product I am making money from, then, if that music is fundamental to the enjoyment of the work, like a film score, then yes, the musician deserves a fee.  However, if I use music in a non-comercial, commentary, or introductory way, then... well... that play is fair use.

I suppose I would apply these rules:

  1. If I make money from your music, you should too.
  2. If I am not making money off your music, I owe you nothing.

The best way I can see vidders making money off their vids is to affiliate link to the original music or video content.  Then everyone wins!!

Space Monkey's Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe

Check out the video above for Ben Lee’s music video: Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe.  The video is titled Space Monkey.

This is a nice moving video.  It starts out sweet then uses a dystopian warning to move me into action.  Not only do I get the ecological importance from the video but it also has two other warnings: the dangers of global war and the importance of our space program.  After all this is our only planet for now, the space program and humanity spreading out into space would increase the odds of us as a people surviving global catastrophe.

I really like the  Planet of the apes feel to the video as well.

...developed in collaboration with the World Wildlife Foundation Australia to “raise awareness of the devastating impact the human race could have on the planet, unless a more meaningful, healthier and sustainable way of life is adopted to help preserve its future.”

(via /Film)

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"Total Eclipse of the Heart" literal music video, with Ninjas!

We shared this totally awesome literal music video of  "Total Eclipse of the Heart" last June but now in honor of this weeks Glee.

Mr. Schuester this is my asignment for rehabilitating a song with a bad reputation.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is probably the greatest overly emotional "O $h!t I think I love you" songs ever written," but this literal version of the video takes over the top to a new and hilarious level.

Other videos that need a literal version:

  • Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
  • White Wedding  by Billy Idol
  • I want candy by Bow Wow Wow

What videos would you like to see get a literal treatment?

(via AfterElton)

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs. Metallica - Enter Telephone

Warning: This video contains half-naked Gaga, which may not be safe for work.

Now, that is what I'm talking about!  Lady Gaga and Beyonce meets Metallica, this is a marriage made on the border of heaven, hell, and huh?

The DJ from Mars took a good dance toon, and turned it into a party favorite (must have played it 4 or 5 times the other night).  Great work, I need more metal Gaga, Marylin Manson vs Pokerface anyone?

The Kleptones- Mad Groove

This Video contains Blue Language, Blood, and Gore, and as such may not be safe for work.

I'm not sure I should even try to add anything to that...

I really want to watch Network now.  That is a movie that changed me, and this video will do the same for countless others.  For the newest video in their project with Instamatic, I have to say, they are driving me crazy!  Keep 'em coming.

The Glee of Knowing Thy Self

We held a Glee party to celebrate their return with the episode Hell-O.  What an excellent episode to return with.  Glee is a great show with overall themes of the underdog story and follow your bliss.  I give Hell-o a 9 out of 10.  For the audio review check out Fandom Today #451 “Who Will Help The Sane”.

Exploring Glee episode 14 Hell-O

[reus name="Glee season 1 iFrame"]

Saying Hello

In Hell-O we get back into the show with a wonderful meta moment.  The students get an assignment from  Mr. Schuester to say hello but in a different way while the entire episode is a way of saying hello to the audience in a way different from how it is typically done.

Know Thy Self

This reoccurring theme and obstacle moves to the fore front.  Part of being able to follow ones bliss is knowing who you are, what really makes you happy, and what do you stand for.  Knowing this helps gives strength and direction when life gets confusing.

Many of the characters had to go through this in realizing their love of music and singing, being able to stand up and say glee makes me happy and is more important than popularity in school.

Hell-O points out that though one may have a self-realization moment it is not the end of the journey but merely an accomplishment along the way.  The celebration gets cold slushy in the face which was supposed to wake them up.  Finn, Will and Rachel in particular must discover who they are or face more problems beyond those already brought up in this episode.

Sneaky Bandies

One of my favorite scenes in Hell-O took place in the sheet music store two people were playing the piano and singing.  Then out of the blue there were others chiming in with additional instruments.  When this happened I cried out “Sneaky Bandies!”  We all laughed.

I could not count all the moments when that very scene happened in real life.  I have known many bandies over the years and they have an ability to sense music moments.  Drawn toward them they are able to produce the instruments out of thin air and join in.

Eric knew a guy in high school who would go to the local mall sit down at the piano in the music shop and start playing.  Bandies would pop out of the wood work with instruments in hand and join in.  I even witnessed this one day while walking through the mall and found some of the friends in my company had vanished only to be found playing along in the sheet music store.

Hell-O Music

  • "Hello" by Lionel Richie
  • "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors:  Finn did an amazing cover.  Morrison’s version of this song is dripping with sarcasm and sex where as Finn’s version is introspective and dripping with disdain.  The disdain in his voice gives a fresh twist and becomes a very introspective moment into Finns thinking and character.
  • "Gives You Hell" by All American Rejects:  Rachel’s version of the song got me to like it. Watch the Video below.
  • "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC  really well done I was pleasantly surprised
  • "Hello Again" by Neil Diamond and
  • "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles.

[reus name="Glee"]

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Mashup-Germany - Imagine One Day (So Far Away)

Ok, it's not that hard to make me cry, but I watched this song make a lot of people go misty-eyed.  Mash-up Germany's masterpiece Imagine One Day (So Far Away) blends  Matisyahu, John Lennon, Blink 182, Gentleman, and Bob Marley, and yes they found a way to even make the Blink 182 song good.

Matisyahu – One Day (Acapella) + Matisyahu feat. Akon – One Day (Instrumental) + John Lennon – Imagine (Acapella) + Blink 182 – All the Small Things (Acapella) + Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry (Acapella) + Gentleman – Dem Gone (Live at Cologne) = Amazing

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

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Peter Steele died

I spent most of my day trying to debunk this story.  I didn't want to believe it.  I have heard rumors of his death before, and I thought this was another one.  I read The Gauntlet article "Peter Steele has died". Over and over again.  They were as skeptical as I was, but they have it on good authority that Peter Steele is dead at the age of 48.

Remembering Pete Steele

I discovered Type O Negative as the opening act for Queensryche on their Promised Land tour.  I had seats 3rd row center, and Peter's voice and on stage presence mesmerized me.

His hair shimmered like an oily shadow rolling down his back.  He took my breath away.  I rushed to the store and bought all their albums.

Peter's dark humor never ceased to amaze me.  From the goth metal cover of Summer Breeze, Cinnamon Girl, and Angry Inch, to Kill all the White People, Hey Pete, and Christian Woman.  He was an original.  Halloween in Heaven and September Sun floored me when I heard them for the first time.

He once said, "Never mistake our lack of talent for genius," but they were genius.  His contribution to the vocals on Roadrunner United's Enemy of the State proves that.

For me and his legions of fans, his talent and wicked humor will be missed.  My heart goes out to his friends and family.

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The Kleptones- Welcome Back

Depending on your workspace, this video may or may not be not safe, there are skeletons and blood.

The Kleptones in conjunction with Instamatic started a video project!  This video for Welcome Back mashes up The Day of the Locust with Guns n Roses, LFO, Chemical Brothers, Ken Russell, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Basement Jaxx to flood your eyes and ears with so much blended glory your head might spin, just please say no to the pea soup.

I am going to keep my eyes open for more.  I really can't wait!

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Underworld - 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video Remastered

A while back we brought to you a brilliant fan Underworld 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video.  This amazing fan video uses 7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish as the soundtrack and footage from the three Underworld movies.

John The Rogue Demon Hunter revisited his masterpiece remastering it and making the vid even better!

  • He improves the scene transitions making them seamless.
  • The timing is impeccable even the steps are now in time with the music.  In particular I love the timing with the moment latter in the video when Selene lands in the water... just spectacular!
  • There is now a juxtaposition between the intimate moments of Lucian and Sonja and the torture moments.

Weird: The Muppets Big Mean Carl's Stand By Me

ROFL, Muppets they will be the death of me.  I love these videos a little too much.

Big Mean Carl sings / performs Stand By Me Ben E. King - Ben E. King: Anthology - Stand by Me.  The chorus is hilarious plus the end of the video has the two grumpy men joke comments.

What do you think about doing some kind of weekly shtick consisting of a mashup inspired by them and worse persons for Fandom Today?


Fresh music to put a Spring in your step

I know the music industry is having a hard time right now, but there is next to nothing new or for that matter good coming out this spring.  There are two shining exceptions:

Lessons Not Learned by Underground Blues Division

Lessons Not Learned is the debut album from the hardest working band in Electric Blues today!

Thoughtful, driven, and passionate rock in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix with a dash of punk, Underground Blues Division captured the intensity and power of the uncompromising stage show on this album.

Crazy Avenue, Long Way Down, and the title track Lessons not Learned are destined to become standards played so often you burn a hole through your iPod.

This album returns rock to its blues roots, full of rebellion, angst, and cries against the system.  I cannot count how many times I have seen the boys in concert, and thanks to this album I can take the fun with me.

Wise up, and let these rockers take you to school with Lessons not Learned, available at The Underground Blues Division - Lessons Not Learned.

Volume Two by She & Him

[reus name="She and Him Volume Two Listen"] Zooey Deschanel spits in the eye of the sophomore jinx with Volume Two by She & Him.  Melodic and mesmerizing, Zooey's breathes new life into the spirit of the 50's and 60's female crooner.

Laden with Torchsongs, danceable tracks, and songs that will bring a smile to your face, Zooey reminds me of Leslie Gore, Nancy Sinatra and Petula Clark, and her music is destined to be remembered along side theirs.

Volume Two surpasses Volume One in power, beauty, and warmth.  She and Him have found their groove and are carving a new niche for themselves.  I cannot think of anyone else making music like this today, if you can, please let me know in the comments.

In the Sun, Ridin' in my car, Gonna get along without you know are the best tracks on the album, but that is like trying to choose the best stones from a back of perfect diamonds.  Check it out in the MP3 player (=>) from Amazon MP3, at Amazon or She & Him - Volume Two.

Your Turn

I hope and pray I missed something.  If you know a new album that deserves to be featured in our hot spring list, let me know in the comments.

Underground Blues Division on Tour

Underground Blues Division is one of the best kept secrets on the stage today.  Electrifying blues reminiscent of Hendrix for a new millennium. UBD is hitting the road for their tour of the Heartland, whatever you have to do to see them, go!  You will not be disappointed.

Apr 2, 2010

10:00 PM Waxy O’Sheas Branson, Missouri

Apr 17, 2010

1:00 PM John Burns’s Gun Shop - Building Party Hollister, Missouri

Apr 24, 2010

8:00 PM Ozarks Homecoming-The Avenue Theatre West Plains, Missouri

May 1, 2010

9:00 PM The Trouser Mouse Blue Springs, Missouri

May 15, 2010

10:00 PM Waxy O’Sheas Branson, Missouri

May 22, 2010

9:00 PM Branson Motorcycle Rally@Area ’57 Branson, Missouri

June 5, 2010

10:00 PM Java Stop/Wine Rack Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Jun 18, 2010

10:00 PM Waxy O’Sheas Branson, Missouri

Oct 1, 2010

4:30 PM Bikes Blues and BBQ Fayetteville, Arkansas

Oct 9, 2010

6:00 PM Springfield’s Oktoberfest hosted by Q102.1! Springfield, Missouri

Nov 27 2010

11:00P Special Event...Stay tuned to find out more!! Springfield, Missouri

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Suck a Vampire Rock Movie Trailer

As you know I'm a sucker for a vampire movie bad pun intended. Many turn out to be really bad but every once in a while a vampire movie will stand out from the pack. Suck is a comedy vampire movie about a rock band while on the road becomes vampires to improve their rock. With classic great lines like:

  • "what happens on the road stays on the road"
  • "try some groupie"

The trailer is awesome! Watch it below.

Unfortunately it is currently making the independent film rounds which means for me living in the middle of nowhere I will have to wait to watch it.

The guest stars in this movie floored me: Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, and Henry Rollins all musical icons plus , Dave Foley who's performances I have always enjoyed.

(via /Film)