What is Project: Shadow?

While reading, The Impact Equation, thought I would stop and answer one of the first questions:

Take a few moments and think about this. Don’t rush to the next segment. Pause and ask yourself what the TV station of you (or your business, or both!) looks like. Ask yourself whom it serves. Ask whether you can think of even ten story ideas that match thematically. Brainstorm just a bit.
— Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. The Impact Equation: Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise? (Kindle Locations 450-452). Kindle Edition.

It is an important set of questions, and one that I have thought about for a long time, but there is something about their frame that makes me see my work differently.

I have not made a secret of the fact that I want to not only write prose, but eventually branch out into comics, movies, video series, and games.  As a solitary writer, I know I can't do everything by myself, but my ambitions have constantly overwhelmed me.

There are so many things I want to do.  So many stories to tell.  Like the Three Stooges, they have all tried to get out of my head at once.  I'm not sure how common writer's block from an over abundance of ideas is, but it has been my bane for a while now.  I need to focus, and work on one thing at a time, sort of.

What does Project: Shadow look like?

Zines.  I know, not a new idea from me, but I think I see a way forward.  3 Zines to be exact:

Our Solemn Hour Zine

This will include Errant Star, Dance the Ghost, Legends of the Jade Moon, Tales of the Silver Fox, and any other Story that fits in my Technofantasy World.

$0.99 / month

Dragons of Night Zine

This will include Wand and Weaver, Blackwood Abbey, and any other story that  fits inside my Contemporary Gothic Fantasy World.

$0.99 / month

Project: Shadow Zine

This will include every Our Solemn Hour, and Dragons of Night Story, as well as any other story I write that doesn't fit in the other two.

$1.99 / month

These Zines will be available for various platforms.  Serials and seasons of content will also be published as eBooks for readers who do not want to subscribe to the zines.

I have also made the difficult decision to make these works free on Wattpad for those who either cannot afford to pay for my work or who do not want to support it.

Crowdfunding Model

I will offer other ways you can support my work through donations and special offers.  I will talk more about these as I set the system up, but it will be a way not only for you to show your support for me, but for me to show my gratitude for your support.

Taking my cues from examples like Nine Inch Nails, Kickstarter, and Subbable, there will be rewards for each level of giving. 

If there are any rewards you would like me to offer, please let me know.

Content Model

Like I said these will be zines, and will have the following features:

  • At least 1 issue a month each of Dragons of Night and Our Solemn Hour, but I would personally like to release 2 issues a month of each, but I set the price for one.
  • Each issue will contain at least:
    • 1 new story
    • 1 article about the series or setting.
    • 1 behind the scenes article
    • Other features are possible, but I do not want to over promise.
  • Stories will be published in the zine and Wattpad at the same time.

The reason I decided to make it available for free and for pay at the same time is that I know you all well.  Over the years, you all have slipped me money at conventions, asking for nothing in return, or have purchased a new set of my books every year to show your support.  You are the best people I have ever met, and I am not sure I deserve the level of support you have shown me over the years.  Now, I really want to give back.

I welcome your input on this plan.  If everything goes well, it will be fully implemented in February.  Are you ready to join the Project?