x wing

Origami: Star Wars X-Wing and Millenium Falcon

I am all for recycling, and the idea of turning old public transit tickets into X-wings and a Millenium Falcon is just awesome.   Hubert posted instructions here and here.

If I can must the patience necessary to make these, I might have to string a bunch together over my desk.  Speaking of which, now I need to learn how to make an origami Tie Fighter.


Grilling with X-Wings

Many Many Summers AgoIn a backyard far far away…


I love this picture of a x-wing hotdog roaster for your grill.  No longer will the imperial grills allow your rebel dogs to slip between the grill falling to it’s demise, at least until the hamburgers strike back.

I’m glad they chose the x-wing, I don’t know if I possess the Jedi patience to roast with a y-wing.

(via Club Jade)