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The Wizard of Oz Free Streaming Online

The Wizard of Oz, filmed in 3-strip Technicolor Image via Wikipedia

Netflix is hosting an online screening of The Wizard of Oz for free on October 3rd in celebration of  its 70th anniversary.  The free screening will begin at 9am eastern time on the 3rd and run until 9am eastern time on Sunday the 4th.

This free screening is for anyone just go to www.netflix.com/wizardofoz.

Netflix members will be able to watch The Wizard of Oz streaming through any of the normal methods including all of the Netflix ready devices.

This is just awesome.  I love The Wizard of Oz and have been wanting to watch it again.  So now all I have to do is wait a few more weeks and then watch it on my Netflix.

Now for the shameless Netflix plug.  They really provide a great service and are worth getting.  I've used Netflix for many years now (almost a decade) and over the time they have gone from a really good service to a great one.  If you don't have their service yet and you love movies then sign up for a plan Try free for 2 weeks.  You will not only be helping out yourself and your movie rental experience but you will also be helping us out at dashPunk.

(via /Film)Netflix, Inc.

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Weekend Craft: Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Dorothys-Ruby-Slippers There is no place like home… who doesn’t want Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz.  This is a great weekend craft, fairly simple to do and easily moddable.  Based on your preference all you would have to do is get different color sequins and different footwear and presto Emerald Loafers for the guys. What you will need:

  • Old shoes
  • stringed red sequins preferably metallic : about 10 meters each shoe
  • bugle beads : 1 packets fine
  • red glitter glue
  • little diamond things with the sewing backs : around 35 to 40 each bow
  • red material : only need scrap material
  • cardboard or thick paper
  • needle and thread
  • two red stones

There are four easy steps to follow with pictures included for each steps.  Read the full instructions here (via Instructables) .

Get your copy of The Wizard of Oz here from Amazon.

Sci Fi's Tin Man may return to Oz!

I am as excited as a munchkin with a lollipop!

Neal McDonough, one of the stars of the Sci Fi’s Tin Man, revealed that there are talks to bring the mini back as a series (Club Jade).

My only concern about this brilliant take on the Wizard of Oz is that they will probably have to recast the characters.  Alan Cumming and Zoey Deschanel are a big part of what made the miniseries so good.  Other than that, I am all for it!

A Second Life Location: Magic Of Oz

For awhile now, Second Life has amazed me with its very realistic settings and endless options. There are writers, poets, artists, and voice actors there that astonish me with their level of talent. Recently, my friend Dream teleported me to a place I thought could never be recreated. The Magic of Oz SIM is a themed build based on the books and movie "The Wizard of Oz". I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with one of the creators Candy Cerveau.

Emz: Candy, thank you for taking time out of your busy launch weekend to speak with me. This place is awesome. How many people did it take to build this place?

Candy: A great deal of the SIM’s incredible look is due to the builder, Jenne Dibou. She took our ideas and thoughts and turned them into something more magical than we ever dreamed possible. Yet she never sacrificed utility for beauty or performance for flash. The buildings are all fantastical, but they are not mere decoration. Each area was carefully planned to be a useful space. She is really incredibly talented.

Emz: Very talented indeed. What inspired you to build this SIM?

Candy: Malkavyn Eldritch and I were looking to create a SIM for our main store locations and we wanted a theme build. I have always loved the Oz books and the movie as well, so it seemed a perfect match. We found Jenne and we worked with her to get the concept of what we wanted. Our goal with the SIM was to interpret the world of Oz differently than had been done before, while still keeping to the spirit of the books. We also wanted to put our own unique spin on the parts of the build that would be the main stores for the two of us. The Witch's Castle was given a Steampunk/Tim Burtonesque feel, while the Emerald City drew more upon natural and elven themes. Our overriding dream for Magic of Oz was to create a place where people could go and be taken out of the realm of the ordinary in Second Life. A place to explore and to experience, to shop and to relax, to dream and to love. A place that is magic. We think we achieved that and hope visitors think so as well.

Emz: Well I for one, definitely admire your vision. For those who don't know what your Second Life stores are about, can you tell me the name and what you specialize in?

Candy: Eye Candy and Treasured Visions. Malkavyn does hand drawn eyes and textures. He is graphic artist, so he works only from scratch. No photosourcing. I make jewelry and accessories. I tend to specialize more in the "elegantly casual" style of jewelry, but I do have some more whimsical type of work as well.

Emz: Your stuff is really crafted well. I just found a free box with “Halloween Eyes” that I can’t wait to try on. Magic Of Oz is amazing. How long did it take you guys from concept to finish date to do this?

Candy: Jenne is a super fast builder and we did it in 3 phases. Basically we got the SIM the first of August 2008 and began plans. So the entire thing only took two months start to finish.

Emz: That is fast for a build of this magnitude.

Candy: Yes indeed. Jenne is in Europe and so each morning we would wake up and a huge portion would magically appear!

Emz: Sounds very exciting.

Candy: It really was so much fun. The story of Oz is such a rich one and there are so many wonderful parts to it that it was hard to choose what to feature.

Emz: I like all the dark features you have here with the flying monkeys and the large skull on the hill. Is there any little secret or feature that you find particularly interesting?

Candy: The secret lab in the Witch's Castle is fantastic! Very "mad scientist". It’s hidden in the right side of the Witch's Castle

Emz: Congratulations on completing this. It's really awesome. Thank you so much for your time.

Candy: My pleasure, Emz. Thank you.

I was able to explore the area for some time and found many hidden gems here. If the pictures don’t amaze you, the features will. Right now there are tons of little shoes around the SIM that when clicked, give you free things. There are also a number of boxes, pumpkins etc… Keep an eye open and click things.

The Witch’s Castle Features: Steampunk architecture, hammock to lie in, perches to see the whole valley, skeleton fountain, elevator, flying monkeys ride.

Scary Tree / Graveyard Features: laying dead pose and sinking in lava pose.

Munchkin Land Features: Shops, park benches, a nice promenade.

Emerald City Features: Emerald throne, many little meeting or discussion areas, Oz’s curtain, 3 levels of fun activity, beautiful emerald gems.

Center of town Features: Watch The Wizard Of Oz by clicking the sign on the giant tree, follow the yellow brick road to Munchkin land, tree attack, stairs to Witches Castle.

Cool things to buy:  Jewelry, specialty eyes, clothes, bodies, hair, and these gear tattoos inspired by the designs of Da Vinci.

These are the various ways I risked my life to bring you these pictures: I was trapped under a house Wicked Witch Of The East style. I was attacked by trees. I got to be Oz for a little bit. And, I was attacked by monkeys.  I am really scared of monkeys people!

Magic of Oz launched on October 3rd, 2008.  If you would like to visit Magic Of Oz, click here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Magic%20of%20Oz/130/152/0

Sky Captain Review

I got to see a movie today! Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

One of the best Science Fiction movies I have seen in a long time.  A thrill ride from beginning to end while maintaining the feel of brilliant film noir, this movie has it all.  And for you fans of giant killer robots, this film has giant killer robots!   The look of the movie is surprising nostalgic and original.  The setting is engrossing and the plot really pulls you through and never disappoints.

Warning: Over Intellectualizing Ahead:  The film paints a mesmerizing post-modern fable of life in the our day and age.  Using the Wizard of Oz as a Narrative tool, the film deconstructs the modern fundamentalist movements showing them to be the futile beasts they are.  I will not spoil the end, but it is as rich for the mind as it is for the eye.  A must see for the whole family.  Great on so many levels.