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A Tour Of Holiday Windows In San Francisco

P1010231 Unfortunately, Saks Fifth Avenue has disappointed us yet again.  Their reputation of having the best windows with animated dolls and music are gone.  This is the second year they have done traditional model windows and I won't even bore you with the details.  I'm not sure why they are copping out.  Last year the excuse was Going Green, but it's evident that their reputation is declining. However, I will show you some images I enjoyed.  Here are my top holiday picks for the season:

  1. Macy's SPCA windows.  See my previous article for a full review:Holiday Consumerism To Benefit Homeless Animals P1010257
  2. SF Centre (Westfield Mall) Nordstrom.  Yes, they did start with a gorgeous building to begin with. P1010228 P1010227 P1010234
  3. Neiman Marcus Asian Snow Designs P1010249P1010251
  4. Tiffany & Co.  Ice sculpture designs
  5. Macy's Mens side- Interesting fabric snowflakes.  I'm not sure how they made these, but I want one!  You can't really tell from the picture that these babies are puffed out 3-d. P1010254

Do you have window design pictures from your hometown?  I'd love to see them.  Send them to me at:

Holiday Consumerism To Benefit Homeless Animals

Every year, Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco gets a visit from Santa and his little animals. These particular animals are homeless cats and dogs from the San Francisco SPCA.  P1010265 The window themes this year are the best I’ve seen. Each little fur ball is set in what appears to be the outside courtyard of a home. A miniature Victorian with ivy garland twirled around the balustrade and down the columns provides a cozy scene as you look into the house windows to find a decorated holiday tree. Another window is fitted with a more modern home façade with a mock waterfall in the front. There is also a log cabin style complete with rain boots out front as if someone has just come in from fishing.

Of course, the animals don’t care that they are in cute confines. They just want water, food, a warm place to sleep, and your love. Adoption fees for these critters go to support the San Francisco SPCA. Last year they raised a reported $37,000 and found homes for 277 pets.  P1010261

According to the SPCA website at, each animal comes with a 30 day gift of pet health insurance, a free dog or cat advice DVD, a leash and collar (for dogs) and discounts on most SF/SPCA training classes.  Adopters also receive a gift bag filled with samples, treats and valuable certificates from sponsor partners of The SF/SPCA and Macy’s.

Animals are on display from store opening to one hour before they close from now until January 1st.

If you don’t live in San Francisco, you can still see the animals live on KSFO sponsored webcams here: