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Norrington greenlit for 'Crow' Remake

The Crow Graphic Novel The Crow Graphic Novel Stephen Norrington who directed Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and who wrote such forgettable films as Death Machine and The Last Minute just got signed to make a remake The Crow...

“Whereas Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style,” Norrington told Daily Variety.

Something broke inside me when I read the news.  My only hope is that Norrington goes back to the orignial comic for inpiration.

I don't know how upset I can be until I hear more about the project.  I have watched The Crow: City of Angels, The Crow: Salvation, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, and The Crow Wicked Prayer.  If I didn't get on my high horse about those movies and the TV show, I cannot until I know more.

Well... this is the guy who made The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (which sucked) and Blade (which rocked).  I have such mixed feelings right now.

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