Gravity Waves in the Sky

Gravity waves are global events. Much like the ripples on a massive pond, these large-scale waves can propagate from an atmospheric disturbance over thousands of miles

Like waves in the ocean, these gravity waves roll through the sky. Caused by frontal systems, air flowing over mountains, and other reasons. these waves can travel thousands of miles through atmosphere.

What is interesting is that these waves may be a cause of tornadoes. The ability to track these gravity waves could help us predict severe weather outbreaks with more precision. These are beautiful, frightening things.

(via Universe Today)

Weather or Not

As the clouds roll over head, I can feel them in my mind.  Sounds and shadows... I have been away from the web for a while trying to think up a story to write for June.  I have decided to do a mystery.  A first for me, so it is a real challenge.  The summer blues have firmly taken hold of me... so it is a challenge to get anything done, but I move on. The major challenge is to decide what the mystery will be about.  It will probably be about a theft or a kidnapping, cause as you all know, I am not a fan of murder mysteries, but I am keeping an open mind.  We will see what I can find as I grope around in the dark corners of my mind.  The cast of characters keeps growing, so I will have to thin them out before I actually start writing.

I must say that the weather is not helping.  The rain relaxes me too much.  The thunder sets me on edge.  The gloom makes me think more about writing another supernatural horror.

When I write, I need stability and routine, and the weather is working against those needs.  Soon, I hope the weather will stabilize, but it looks like another 5 days of this before it all moves through.

I will go light a candle for the weather, another for the story, and another for all of you guys.