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WTF! Sci Fi becomes 'Syfy'

SciFi channel.
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The death of the Scifi Channel looms ever closer as they are not able to think hard enough to spell or at the very least not be entirely stupid:

Cable's Sci Fi channel is changing its name to Syfy, which sounds the same but can be trademarked, in an attempt to "broad[en] perceptions and embrac[e] a wider and more diverse range of imagination-based entertainment including fantasy, paranormal, reality, mystery, action and adventure, as well as science fiction," according to the network's statement (EW).

Where to start?

Is Syfy trademarkable by them?

    I am sure they are not alone, but when I see the word Syfy, I think about Syfy Portal, who have evidently sold their rights to their name and domain as they have only just changet their name to Airlock Alpha.  Yeah that's better.

    Maybe they bought everyone off, but the very idea that they are changing their name to a nonsence word is just rediculous!

    Imagination-based entertainment!?!

      What does that even mean?  All fiction is imagination based because it requires an imagination to write about things that are not really happening.

      In reallity, this means that are going to continue their drift away from Speculative Fitcion that started when they added wrestling, reality shows, and soap operas.  They are changing their name so they can purchase the rights to inexpensive, dime-a-dozen action and adventure movies and tv shows in a vain attempt to compete with Spike, and the very notion they are adding mysteries sounds to me like they are looking for filler for their schedual.

      Look to the Web

        The lesson I take away from this name change is that if we want good speculative fiction video, we have to go online and get it from the idependant producers.

        Maybe I should find a way to start a regular video series?

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