RIFT 2.1: Endless Eclipse - The Return of Regulos!

I loved Rift, and couldn’t imagine loving it more than I did.  Then they released the Storm Legion Expansion.  As fun as the game was, it is so much better now.  Here we are, a month after launch, and we get Endless Eclipse.  A new Chronicle, a new Raid (if you are into that sort of thing), and the Fae Yule Event!  Join me on Faeblight.

Why Twilight is Popular Video

This is an amazing incite full video exploring how Twilight works. Thanks very much for Epipheo Studios who wrote and produced the video. watch the video above.

The breakdown is quite simple and follows this formula: Lego + Super Guy = infatuation

  1. Bella is the Lego, an every girl designed to be generic and perfectly identifiable by many.
  2. Edward is the Super Guy given great detail and represents what every woman wants in a guy times 10,000.
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NBC Community Gets Awesome With Modern Warefare

Community is one of those shows that started out bad.  I almost gave up on the series but I kept watching because the last 5 minutes were entertaining.  Then by the Halloween episode the show got better.  Still not owner - re-watchable better but to the level that I looked forward to see the next episode. Last weeks episode Modern Warfare is brilliant.  I watched the episode 3 times over the weekend and it's probably an owner for me.

Watch the trailer below.

This episode is a what if Abed made an episode.  Abed is a fanboy character who lives by, breaths and eats his beloved show.  He is constantly quoting or comparing instances to other shows and movies.  I loved what he did for Batman on the Halloween episode.

In this episode they quote, reference and do homages to so many different things.  Starting with a 28 Days Latter homage to set the scene and ending with Die Hard.

I love how they did the set up for The Warriors running homage.  It didn't help that Wolf ran around all weekend calling out "Warriors!"

For those unfamiliar with The Warriors it was an 1979 movie that was hilariously bad.  probably worth watching once or at least no regrets of having seen it once.

Watch the trailer for The Warriors below.

Can you name all of the references made in the show?

Watch Community streaming below.

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The Star Wars Trilogy Video In 2 Minutes

This video retells The Star Wars Trilogy in 2 minutes using Legos and stop animation.  The video is great fan fun.  Watch the video above.

I love the scenes picked to highlight all of the events from the three movies.  There are many ships, settings, characters, and events featured.  One of my favorite is Yoda chilling in a recliner under an umbrella on Dagobah.  In context it's hilarious.

The language used is very casual and without names which works since the voice narrating it is a child.  This lends to the fun relaxed nature of the video.  For instance the scene where Darth Vader reveals his identity to Luke is phrased as "That was when the Boy got very surprising news about his dad... Wud up son."

I want that Lego collection, Wow!

(via /Film)

Weird: The Muppets Big Mean Carl's Stand By Me

ROFL, Muppets they will be the death of me.  I love these videos a little too much.

Big Mean Carl sings / performs Stand By Me Ben E. King - Ben E. King: Anthology - Stand by Me.  The chorus is hilarious plus the end of the video has the two grumpy men joke comments.

What do you think about doing some kind of weekly shtick consisting of a mashup inspired by them and worse persons for Fandom Today?


Watch the First Alice In Wonderland Movie

Check out the first Alice in Wonderland movie made in 1903.  What is really neat is that the film was made 37 years after Lewis Carrol wrote his novel. The full length of the movie was 12 minutes which 8 of them were able to be saved by the BFI National Archive.  Enjoy the movie!

It’s amazing to think the effects of Alice shrinking and growing is one of the earliest movie effects.  It looks really neat.  The cat that they got for the Cheshire cat looks good and so content, if only my dog would be so cooperative for filming.

More Doctor Who Series 5 Fun

Here are some Doctor who videos in excitement and anticipation for series 5. New Doctor Who Trailer featuring the Doctor and Amy, watch the video below.

This one was not overly exciting but I liked seeing some of the Doctors more deadly enemies in it.

Series 5 Preview

This was a really neat collection of moments from the upcoming series of Doctor who.  In it we get to see a lot of the Doctors adversaries and even see the Doctor fire a gun.  I gasped at first which is kind of funny since we don't even get to see what he is firing at.  It's not like Batman was shown using a gun.

Is it me or are you also getting a Sylvester McCoy kind of Doctor vibe from Matt Smith?