under the dome

Stephen King Under the Dome TV Adaptation?

Under_the_DomeWhen word spread about another attempt to adapt a Stephen King novel I cringed.  Images of failed attempts flashed in my mind remembering the real horror of the whole thing was not the movies it was the production.  That said, like many out there I would love to see a successful adaptation and maybe it could work using the series format rather then the movie format.

Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks TV have optioned the book and are looking to set it up as a mini series. (via /Film)

Plot: Under the Dome: A Novel :  The small town of Chester's Mill, Main is surrounded by an invisible force field.  The dome is a result of the machinations of the local politician and drug lord who wants an isolated populace to dominate.  Adding to the rapidly deteriorating situation are the ecological complications brought by the dome.  A small but growing group forms to solve the riddle of the dome.