DVD Releases: June 30, 2009

Out this week we have three DVDs to feature:  Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Fifth Season, Eureka: Season 3.0, Transmorphers: Fall of Man.stargate_atlantis_5

  • Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Fifth Season:  Love this show, wished it lasted more then five seasons but now all of it is out on DVD, time to complete the series.  A must own.  If for some reason you haven't watched this show yet there are some episodes of season five streaming live online here.
  • Eureka: Season 3.0:  Another great show and season three they really got good.  I love that I can get the first half of season 3 on DVD, just in time for the second half to air.  Down side, it's only half of a season and if I wanted an incomplete season I would already own it through iTunes.
  • Transmorphers: Fall of Man:  I have not watched this one yet but every time I see the name I giggle because it's like the Gobots to the Transformers movie.  But with Bruce Boxleitner in it I will eventually have to watch it.
  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li:  This one goes on the rent list.  I didn't get to watch it in the theaters and the reviews were mixed but I like Street Fighter and the previews looks interesting.

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