When The Sith Did That Happen: Star Wars Timeline

See a list of Star Wars Books here Have you ever wondered when Mandalore the first began his crusade in the outer rim?  Or like me ever wonder while reading Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith when those events happened in relation to finding of Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine?  I like to look at a couple of different of timelines. The first Star Wars timeline is at Wookiepedia and it's a massive listing of dates and events all based on the Battle of Yavin standard.  it starts at 7,500,000,000 BBY at the first star in the Cularin system, named Morasil, forming and running all the way to 137 ABY Cade Skywalker trained as a Jedi but self-exiled from the Order to become a bounty hunter.  At Wookiepedia you can also look at timelines based on Books, comics, films, short stories, television series, and video games.  I wished they had a series based on fan works too but it's still sweet to look at when everything happened.

See a list of Star Wars on video The next timeline is Steve's Star Wars Timeline this one puts the Star Wars media into a timeline based on when the work occurs.  For instance if you are curious when Tales of the Jedi : The Freedon Nadd Uprising occurs it is listed at - 3998 Years before A New Hope.  It's not as comprehensive as Wookiepedia but it still has a lot in it and in a way it's easier to navigate and not as intimidating for someone who is new to the Star Wars setting.

Now what I would love to see is a nice list of Fan works in the Star Wars setting set in the timeline.

New Mammal Fossil changes Timeline

C.E. Dorsett We got an early start didn't we:

The remarkable fossil bones of a fur-covered, swimming mammal that lived in the age of the dinosaurs 164 million years ago have been discovered in China, raising a wave of excitement among scientists whose timetable for mammalian evolution has just been pushed back by 100 million years (San Francisco Chronicle).

It makes you wonder how far back the evolution of mammals began. How many species lived in the time of the dinosaurs, and how many survived? This makes the imagination run wild. A lot of great fossils have been found in China lately.