Ideas For a Cthulu Priest Throne

I was looking over a Trendland article about Maximo Riera's Animal Collection and it got me thinking. 

His chair collection is an odd assortment that mashes up animals and chairs.  That said it is also very evocative and got my imagination churning especially the piece from the picture.

I started to think what would a cool throne chair look like for a high priest of Cthulu if they took more of this style into the design. 

lets start with a nice throne with a high back on it maybe even gold colored like a papal throne.  Then put the octopus on the top facing forward with it's tentacles oozing down over the chair in a gelatinous way.  Instead of a plush material use leather so that the octopus will look more life like and it still be comfortable to sit against but still have the tentacles be raised up.  Then fill in all of the background color of the chair with a gloss black color like still dark water.  This will also help to evoke a sole eating madness for those staring at the chair too long.  What do you think?

(via Maximo Riera's The Animal Collection | Trendland: Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine)