the mission

The Muse heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

Trying to get an early start on the day, but it feels strange being up this early.  I feel like I should be getting ready for school, but I don't go to school any more...  strange.

Hopefully, I will be able to set a good direction for the week ahead.  I really want to get some stories about soon, but the pressure is starting to set in.  I have all the drive I ever did, but people read me now, and I don't want to disappoint them...

It is helpful that I decided to work on short stories and serials again, too many stories are fighting to get out.  I kind of need an assistant to organize all this.

Then, like my muse singing to me, Butterfly on a Wheel by The Mission (Spotify Link) starts playing.

For those who don't know the lyrics:

Silver and gold and it's growing cold
Autumn leaves lay as thick as thieves
Shivers down your spine chill you to the bone
'Cos the mandolin wind is the melody that turns
Your heart to stone

The heat of your breath carving shadows on the mist
Every angel has the wish that she's never been kissed

A broken dream haunting in your sleep
And hiding in your smile a secret you must keep
Love cuts you deep

Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel
Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

There's no scarlet in you, lay your veil down for me
As sure as God made wine, you can't wrap your arms
Around a memory
Take warmth from me, cold Autumn winds cut sharp as
a knife
And in the dark for me, you're the candle flame that
Flickers to life

Love breaks the wings of a butterlfy on a wheel
Love will break the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

Wise men say all is fair in love and war
There's no right or wrong in the design of love
And I could only watch as the wind crushed your wings
Broken and torn crushed like the flower under the snow
And like the flower in spring
Love will rise again to heal your wings

Love heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel
Love will heal the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

I love how something unexpected can happen and change your whole perspective. So I thought I would share some of my go to songs that make me want to write: (I really wanted to include "When I write my last song" by The Hatters, but the song is not on Youtube or iTunes, so I have to leave it out. A real shame that)

Mission for the Family

From the Mission UK Blog:

We received this message from one of our fans, Al, who plans to create a video for our new single 'Keep it in the Family'.. sounds like a really cool idea, so read below and send in your footage..

"I have been thinking about the video, and I have a wee idea that would include us all. To allow me to do this, I am asking for your help.

Think about the word "family", and what it means to you. Write it down on a piece of A4 paper to make it visible, and film yourself holding it up for 5 seconds whilst thinking about what your chosen word means to you. You can do it on your webcam, mobile phone, digital camera etc. Your backdrop can be whatever you wish – as long it is suitable for broadcast and the word on the paper is visible.

You can even ask the same of your family. My aim would be to collate them into the timeframe required.

This would give the opportunity to show the diversity of Mission fans, and I reckon it would give a poignant insight into our feelings.

Band and their family are welcome to do so as well.

If you are happy to do so, then email me the clip (again, preferably as an mpeg), with your name, to , or
marking the email "Family". (themissionuk)

Start sending them in :)

New Mission Greatest Hits 2 CD Set Released

C.E. Dorsett The Mission has released a two disc greatest hits anthology called the Phonograph Years, Fans of the Mission or any other dark wave/gothic music have to get a copy of this and celebrate the brilliance of the Mission.

As well as writing the comprehensive sleeve notes Wayne was also heavily involved, in collaboration with Universal, in the final selection of the tracks for this anthology. Highlights being a newly unearthed gem in ‘Diamond Cuts Diamond’, a song the band recorded during the ‘Carved In Sand’ sessions that has never before been released in any form whatsoever, and ‘Hands across The Ocean’, a radically different version of the song that was eventually released as a single. A completely over-the-top live version of ‘Blood Brother’ from 1988 and a demo of ‘Belief’ produced by Mike Fraser. And a fair few versions of the more popular and more well known tunes are appearing on CD for the very first time. We think it’s something any Mission fan would definetly want in their CD collection. And released, again by Universal, a week later on March 20th, is the Mission film/documentary ‘Waves Upon The Sand’. This is the film that has only until now been available on VHS and follows the band during the ‘Carved In Sand’ album period, on tour and in the studio. This is coupled on DVD with the live film that was recorded and released, again only previously on VHS, as ‘Crusade’ in 1986. This DVD will sell at mid-price. And again, a must have for all Mission fans and available to pre-order from

The Mission Anthology - The Phonogram Years

CD1: 1. Serpent’s Kiss 2. Garden Of Delight (Extended) 3. Like A Hurricane 4. Crystal Ocean (7” edit version) Never before released on CD. 5. Shelter From The Storm (Janice Long BBC session version) 6. Stay With Me (7” edit version) 7. Blood Brother (Recorded live at The Astoria, London, March 1988) Never before released 8. And The Dance Goes On….. 9. Wasteland (7” edit version) 10. Severina (7” edit version) 11. Tomorrow Never Knows (amphetamix) Only available previously on CD on Japanese import. 12. Beyond The Pale (7” edit version) 13. Kingdom Come (Janice Long BBC session version) 14. Tower Of Strength (Bombay Mix edit) 15. For Ever More

CD2: 1. Amelia (Live from the Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, May 1990) 2. Into The Blue (7” edit version) 3. Butterfly On A Wheel (7” edit version) 4. Deliverance (Sorcerer’s Mix) 5. Belief (Mike Fraser produced demo) 6. Grapes Of Wrath (Demo) 7. Hands Across The Ocean (Tim Palmer produced demo) 8. Diamond Cuts Diamond (Tim Palmer produced demo) 9. Bird Of Passage 10. Metal Guru 11. Never Again (7” edit version) 12. Shades Of Green (Utah Saints 7” remix) 13. Trail Of Scarlet (Sitar Mix) 14. Like A Child Again (7” edit version) 15. Afterglow (Full length Olympic version)

A short extract from the sleevnotes written by Wayne:

BLOOD BROTHER (Live at The Astoria, London, March 1988) Originally seeing life as the ‘b’ side on the ‘Stay With Me’ single, I wrote this in response to a song that The Cult had recorded for a Radio 1 session in which Ian Astbury gives me a name check. Can’t now remember the name of that song. Our first tour in January 1986 had been as special guests on The Cult’s ‘Love’ European tour. This version was recorded during our 7 sold out nights at The Astoria during the‘Children’ tour. My vocals are a little rough but I think this captures perfectly the band at this time. It’s big, noisy, confident and arrogant, melodramatic and megalomaniacal, and completely glorious. Never before released.

BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL (7” edit) This was the first single of the new decade, the 90’s, released on 1st January. One of our more popular and evergreen tunes, this was a song that I wrote for Julianne of All About Eve. I remember when we’d finished mixing it at Swanyard Studio we played it to Charlie Eyre. He sat in the middle of the big SSL mixing desk and listened to the song blaring out of the big studio monitors and when it had ended he swung around in his chair with a tear in his eye and said, just like George Martin did to The Beatles after they’d recorded ‘Please, Please Me’, ‘Well boys, you’ve just made your first no. 1 record’. Of course, history decreed a different fate for us compared to The Beatles but the song did eventually make it to No. 1.….. In South Africa.

BELIEF (Mike Fraser version) Before we commenced recording the ‘Carved In Sand’ album with Tim Palmer again producing we tried recording with a few other producers/engineers, one of which was Mike Fraser. Mike was a lovely, genial Canadian that generally worked out of the Little Mountain Studio in Vancouver. Mike’s credits had included Aeorsmith, The Cult, and Metallica amongst others. It was suggested that to achieve some commercial success in the USA we should use a producer/engineer with a working knowledge of that elusive American ‘big rock’ radio sound. Now, I’m not particulary a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or American ‘big rock’ but the lure of the yankee dollar was very hard to resist at that time and in our pursuit of global dominance we recorded this version of ‘Belief’ with Mike. The recording took place in London, can’t remember which studio, and then I flew with Mike to Vancouver for a few days to mix the track at Little Mountain. It actually now sounds a lot better to me than I remember and working with Mike was a good experience, I liked him a lot. But I didn’t think it was the right decision to work with a North American for that album. I wanted to retain the little ‘Britishness’ that we still had left. And whilst I think Tim Palmer did a great job I used to often wonder, what if? This version has never before been released.

DIAMOND CUTS DIAMOND (Tim Palmer produced demo) This is another song that was recorded as a demo for the ‘Carved In Sand’ album and discarded. It’s very wordy and obviously a work in progress and easy to see why we did reject it but it stands testament to the wealth of material we had accumulated for that album. We ended up having enough completed material (that we were happy with) for two albums and released ‘Grains Of Sand’ some 6 months or so after the release of ‘Carved’. Actually, hearing this now again after all these years I do really like the guitars on the outro (Mission).

Get it here.