star wars the old republic

SWTOR Bounty Hunter

Star Wars: The Old Republic released a rather uninformative trailer for the Bounty Hunter.

I emailed BioWare, and they refused to comment about the Bounty Hunter.  I asked them 3 important questions:

  1. Will there be a PVP Bounty system?
  2. Are Classes faction locked?
  3. If Classes are faction locked how are they going to ensure a vibrant player galaxy.

Since they didn't answer, I looked around, and didn't find much.

Bounty Hunting

They put up a Fact Page in the community (here), where they confirm that there will be Bounty Terminals in the game and they will at least have NPC bounties in them.

In a community poll, they asked how important a Player Bounty System is (here).  Only 90 people responded:

  • I MUST HAVE PBS in TOR! If there's no PBS, I won't be playing Bounty Hunter.  7.78%
  • I want a PBS, but I'll still play if there isn't one.  51.11% 
  • I don't want a PBS, but I'll still play if there is one.  10.00% 
  • I'm avidly against PBS and if there is one, I will not be playing Bounty Hunter.  4.44% 
  • I don't care.  26.67%

With 58.89% saying they want a Player Bounty System and only 14.44% opposed, this poll will hopefully goad BioWare into including one in the game.  Their reluctance to answer the question does bother me.

Class and Faction

I can understand tying class to faction at the beginning.  Since BioWare claims they are building out a full rpg for each class, but they need to think about the endgame.

If characters are bound to their faction, the game world will not be able to mimic the complexity of the Star Wars Extended Universe were people flip faction from time to time.

Silence is Deafening

I am not sure why they are staying so quiet.  It is not like these are new features that no game has ever had.  Many people, like me, presumed that the features of Star Wars Galaxies would be the baseline for The Old Republic Online.  I hope I am not wrong.

I am still looking forward to the game, and hoping for a beta key.  I just hope they get it right.