"Total Eclipse of the Heart" literal music video, with Ninjas!

We shared this totally awesome literal music video of  "Total Eclipse of the Heart" last June but now in honor of this weeks Glee.

Mr. Schuester this is my asignment for rehabilitating a song with a bad reputation.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is probably the greatest overly emotional "O $h!t I think I love you" songs ever written," but this literal version of the video takes over the top to a new and hilarious level.

Other videos that need a literal version:

  • Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
  • White Wedding  by Billy Idol
  • I want candy by Bow Wow Wow

What videos would you like to see get a literal treatment?

(via AfterElton)

MegaBot- AKA Topher the Power Ranger

This show is not safe for work!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if 5 high school friends discovered power suits, were forced to leave their dreams behind, and had to fight cosmic super villains while struggling with racism, promiscuity, and alcoholism?  Then you must check out MegaBot at Atom.


Fran Kranz (Topher from Dollhouse) stars in this funny send up of the super team genre.

Megabot, Ep. 1

Megabot, Ep. 2

Funny.  Irreverent.  My only problem with the series is that it is on Atom.com who does not offer any options to subscribe to the series so you know why new episodes are out.

What do you thing?

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