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Horrorfest III: Tales of Terror

Horrorfest III: Tales of Terror

A Second Life Convention presented by Bookstacks

Notice By Kghia Gherardi, Organizer

This month on the thirteenth, Bookstacks will commence Horrorfest III: Tales of Terror. You might not live to see the Ides of March this year! We will have a full schedule of events with numerous authors reading their works, including Mike Stackpole. The survivors will continue on the fourteenth when, amongst other events, Tobias Buckell will make one of his rare appearances in-world to read “Spurn Babylon.”

In other events you will be able to swap poetry with author Emerian Rich in the graveyard. Or learn about real life horrors with Mark Eller. Find out how to incorporate horror sound effects to your own shows. Sample Crap Mariner’s short shorts. Participate in a costume contest and attend a fashion show for the fashionably undead. And that’s not all! Bookstacks will be running all its normal events, usually with a twist…a twist of Terror.

Saturday, March 13 •9:00 am – Horrorfest opens with new and classic tales read by West of Ireland storyteller Gyro Muggins. •10:00 am - Emerian Rich, author and host of the Horror Addicts podcast, hosts a workshop on creating horror sounds for podcasts…or simply to scare your friends next Halloween. •11:00 am - Simeon Beresford serves as quiz master for a horrific game of Book Trivia. The winner of the game will take home 500 lindens, and the person in the best costume in the theme will also win 500 lindens. •1:00 pm – Emerain Rich reads from the sequel to Night’s Knights •2:00 pm - Science Fiction Saturday •3:00 pm – NYT bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole will give you nightmares when he reads one of his scary tales •4:00 pm - Join Emerian Rich for the annual sharing of scary poetry in the graveyard. There is more out there than “The Raven” •5:00 pm – Crap Mariner offers his own take on terror with his 100 word stories and scary shorts •6:00 pm – Author and host of the Hell Hole Tavern podcast, Mark Eller, will remind us that not all horror is fictional with his real life tales. •7:00 pm – Live performance by Scream Machine*

Sunday, March 14 (please note: Daylight Savings Time begins in the US) •11:00 am – Henry Snider reads from one of his stories about occult, parapsychology and esoteric studies •1:00 pm – Off the Shelf interviews Mark Eller, author and host of the Hell Hole Tavern podcast •3:00 pm – Poetry Libre’s Open Mic •4:00 pm – Award-winning author Tobias Buckell reads “Spurn Babylon” •5:00 pm – “Twenty Ten Horror and Chills Couture Event” – Fashion Show for the Fashionably Undead from the Infinite Focus Fashion Agency * Scream Machine is brought to us by Grave Concerns Ezine

Second Life Amusement Parks: Alice in Wonderland Ride

quillsThere is much more to the 3D social network Second Life than fun and games. You can network with writers, poets, actors, musicians, and artists at places like Quills (pictured here). You can visit foreign countries and learn new languages by speaking to those with a true native tongue. You can attend live concerts, workshops, readings, and plays. You can even join role playing games and become a vampire, werewolf, mage, or Hogwarts student.

But what if you’re just looking for some fun wind-down time? Well, they have that too. Recently I’ve been checking out the amusement park rides on Second Life. Yes, you heard me. If you haven’t got the time or money to pop over to Disneyland in real life, you can spend a few hours at these wonderful builds on Second Life. Every bit as realistic and awesome as the real rides, without the waiting in line!

My favorite ride so far is the Alice in Wonderland ride at Kleio Island Amusement Park.  Project8 According to the signs posted in front of the ride, this massive dark ride took six months to develop. These screen shots show you just some of the great artwork and structure building this project encompasses. Add to this the sound clips and environmental perks and you have an excellent experience that you can ride any day of the week for as many times as you like with no waiting!

The ride gondola is very cute and set to theme. It starts out as a black and white checked car and changes colors as you ride. The seats are made of playing cards and the four corners of the vehicle are capped in chess pieces. All this gets you in the mood to take a ride into Lewis Carroll’s fantasy.


First the ride takes you through the Mad Hatter’s tea party.


Then you get to ride by the Queen of Hearts and her King.


The high build shows you a view of the entire amusement park as it brings you through the Jabberwocky section.


Then you spiral down through the black and white tunnel into the end of the ride, where you can ride it all again.


Kleio Amusement Park offers all sorts of carnival rides such as a ferris wheel, jumbo slide, and this merry-go-round where you can ride crystal horses through the snow.


Rides and extras on this land such as cotton candy and tea party venues, are mostly free. Some cost a minimal amount, but you can choose to buy or go on to the next event. The Alice ride is free, but if you’d like to leave a donation to those excellent creators of this fun ride, they have a tip cup near the entrance.

To get to Kleio Amusement Park, join Second Life for free and then click this landmark below:

Art direction and structure creation of Alice in Wonderland ride by Atom Burma Scripted motion by Jay Karlfeldt Sculpted characters by Kanic Huldschinsky Narration of The Jabberwocky by Roxxy Rhode

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Ways To Build Your Writing Career In Second Life

  • second_lifeNetworking: Meet established authors and network with aspiring writers.  Join writing groups such as: Bookstacks, Written Word, Writers Guild, The Guild Of UK Writers, Third Life & Farpoint, Inksters. These groups have book and writing events weekly. You can join in a writing workshop, learn how to write poetry, listen to voice chats hosted by authors or participate in text chats. There are also some groups that put on writing contests.  Visit Book & Publishing Island to go to book conventions and hang out at Writer’s Block Café and Bar, a local hang out for writers. Check out the writer and publisher booths and find out about publishing your work with a Second Life publisher. To get there, sign up for Second Life and click this link here.
  • Writing: Write for a Second Life magazine like Anon Literary. These magazines pay in SL money, but you can use this coin to pay rent on a space to advertise your work or so you can upload advertisements to post on writing billboards.  To visit the home of Anon Literary and submit your work, follow this link here
  • Advertise: Advertise your work by renting a room or booth on book and publishing island or another place where readers and writers frequent.  You do have to pay a small fee to rent out the space, but your ad is there 24-7 for anyone who passes by to see and investigate.  Some of the writing groups allot their members a small space on their land to display their work.  There are also many author spaces that have libraries and wouldn't might putting your book on their shelf.  Just don't be afraid to ask!
  • Meet An Author: Every other Sunday at 2pm at the Red Sky Club, there is a filmed tv show called Meet An Author.  This show features a new author every episode.  You can attend, ask the authors questions and even ask to be on the show yourself if you have a book or project to pitch.  You can watch previous shows here:  To attend, you can click on this link here
  • Meet Fans, Host Events: Author events abound on Second Life.  If you are an established author or podcast author, the opportunities are limitless.  Host your own group, invite your fans to gatherings where they can meet you, or help host author events by offering to be on panels.

If you are interested in building your fan base, Second Life is a wonderful place to do it.  The next big author event on Second Life is March 7th & 8th.  This weekend Horror Fest is being hosted by Bookstacks and offers you the chance to see an online convention first hand.  Authors scheduled to appear are: Second Life regular Michael A. Stackpole, Mark Eller from The Hell Hole Tavern, and Emerian Rich (that's me) author of Night's Knights Vampire Podnovel.  To get more info about this convention, sign up for Second Life and then join the group Bookstacks.

Get started and sign up for Second Life here

Breaking News: Autumn Writers Exhibition On Second life

Breaking News: Autumn Writers Exhibition On Second life October 24th – November 2nd

This is a must-do for any writer, poet, or reader.  Jilly Kidd, a poet and host of the very popular SLCN.TV show Meet An Author, is organizing the Autumn Writers Exhibition.  Jilly and her partner Hastings Bournemouth have cooked up a virtual writer’s extravaganza on Cookie Island on Second Life. ----------------- Jilly’s Press release:

After the success of the Autumn Writers' Exhibition last year we're making it a tradition and bringing it back. Last year we had more than 100 writers displaying their work for free and taking part in events and impromptu readings and music. Come along and enjoy the fun, which will end with fireworks and a main events week over Halloween.

There are three L$5,000 (Second Life dollars) competitions for best display, best poem, and best piece of prose under 2,000 words on the subject of Autumn.

This year the exhibition will be on two parcels of land next to the Written Word and INKsters areas on opposite corners of Cookie Island, joined by events in the Town Center. There's also plenty to see on this island dedicated to writers and creative people. Try out the magic carpet ride between the two towers.

Find out more about the AWE on our website

Or, just come on and teleport to the tents here:

Jilly Kidd -------------------- Book events on Second Life are always a great time. They will have readings, book discussions, author interviews, movies, poetry events, book trivia, writer tips, open mic events where you can read your own work for others, and much more. This is a great event to meet authors at and if you are an author, it’s a great place to network. Come enjoy the events or peruse the writer tents. Lots of free goodies!

Come check out my tent (pictured above) and grab my free coffin podcast player to put on your own SL land.

I have been asked to host the Bookstacks Horror Book Discussion on November 2nd at 12pm PST. I’d love to have you come out and discuss horror books with me.

Second Life Bookstacks Location:

Bookstacks is where booklovers meet. Bookstacks hosts the following: Book Trivia Saturdays at Noon, Discussions of books Sundays at Noon. Announcements of bookish interest are also shared on this group. For more information on Bookstacks, contact Simeon Beresford, Kghia Gherardi, or simply join the Bookstacks group.

I hope to see you there! Emerian Rich

A Second Life for Ghost Dance?

by C.E. Dorsett Keep the interest alive at! Here are today's standings.

  • Motion
    • Alternative Chart- 79 {down (from 77) [Highest 77]
    • Electric Blues Guitar Chart- 27 { UP (from 33)
  • Ghost Dance
    • Progressive Rock Chart- 6 {UP (from 10) [New High 6]
    • Goth & Industrial Chart- 24 { UP (from 54) [New High 24]
  • Mission of Love (Ultimatum)
    • Alternative Chart- 218 { down (from 200) [Highest 194]
    • Progressive Rock Chart- 29 {down (from 28) [Highest 26]

Spread the word and let's see if we can reach number 1!