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True Blood Season 2 DVD Suck It Up

Exploring: True Blood Season 2

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True Blood Season 2 is available on DVD May 25th 2010 and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!

  • Fun, dark storyline that doesn't leave me feeling dark or depressed afterward.
  • They explore many great social motifs with out getting preachy.
  • Realistic Characters that are brilliantly acted
  • Well serialized:  Not only complete episodes but they all flow together to tell a full story for each season

Season Two Main Plots:

Eric sends Sookie and Bill to find the disappearance of Godric a 2,000 year old vampire sheriff for area 9, Dallas.  Jason continues to seek his purpose in life with the Fellowship of the Sun.  Meanwhile Maryann continues to influence the town and it's residents resulting in growing mayhem.

I have to find out what has happened to Lafayette Reynolds.

Motifs Explored

True Blood is much more then just a vampire show.

  • It's a refreshing TV series with each episode complete in and of themselves yet they also have very good transitions between episodes telling a full larger story.
  • Explore many social motifs like:
    • Homosexual rights:  The vampires are used symbolically to represent the real life struggle in the gay community.
    • Drug Use:
    • Religion and abusing religion to fuel hate

True Blood Suck It Up!

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Exploring: Glee Season 2

I'm so excited that Glee is returning with a new season!  This is one of the best shows that is also not your typical musical show.  What makes Glee so great is it's engaging story line, many characters to care about, great lessons like follow your bliss and be who you are, promotion of mashups and singing that is often better than the original scores.

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What will Season Two Bring

  • Everyone in New Directions (Schuester's Glee Club) is preparing for the Regional competition against their main opponents Vocal Adrenaline
  • Kurt will find a boyfriend
  • The Finn and Rachel relationship will take some rocky turns:  Rachel starts dating the star of Vocal Adrenaline  Jesse St. James as he comes between them meanwhile Sue will have Santana Lopez and Brittany try to seduce Finn.
  • We will get to see how Will Schuester and  Emma Pillsbury handles their relations ship in the aftermath of Will's divorce and with both admitting openly their feelings for each other.
  • April Rhodes will return hopefully with a successful story about her time on Broadway.
  • Olivia Newton-John will make a guest appearance this season.  She will join Sue Sylvester in a musical number together.
  • The Power of Madonna is the second episode of season two featuring 10 Madonna covers!  We will also get to see Sue go gaga over Madonna which I love to see Sue excited over anything other then destroying and strong arming others.

Glee Season two premiers April 13th

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Sanctuary Season 2 Trailer 2

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The second trailer for season 2 of Sanctuary.  Season 2 will air on October 9th 2009.

This is a fun video with some excellently placed teasers.  They bring up the Cabal and their desire to bring down the sanctuary.  I like the introduction of Kate Freelander the new addition to the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary-season2The Sanctuary is a place of refuge, a safe haven, for those that are different from humans.  Known as Abnormals they are non-human intelligent creatures and humans with genetic variants.  They range from the cute to the extremely dangerous. Dr. Helen Magnus, a 157-year-old English scientist, and her team of experts run the Sanctuary.  They try to help the Abnormals and learn from them.  Working toward a peaceful existence between the humans and the Abnormals.

The show follows the adventures of Dr. Magnus and her staff as they struggle to bring harmony between the world of the humans and that of the Abnormals.  This difficult task because of the more dangerous Abnormals like Vampires and Nubbins is complicated further when the Cabal goes on the move.  A shadow organization with desires to spark a war between the humans and Abnormals the Cabal desires to see the extinction of all Abnormals.

Sanctuary is a great contemporary fantasy show with a polder society full of a wonderful array of exotic creatures.  I loved the episode with the Yeti, their portrayal of vampires and werewolves.  Sanctuary is also not afraid to tackle those social issues which makes for great speculative fiction, never being afraid of asking what if and exploring it thoroughly.

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Sanctuary was originally an independent production which used a web publication model.  After their first season became a big hit the show was bought up by Sci-Fi channel.  They did some re-writes did some new shots and aired what is now referred to as the first season.

Looking Forward at Sanctuary Season 2

  • Finding out what happened to Ashley Magnus, who changed after being kidnapped by the Cabal at the end of the first season.
  • Many more Abnormals including an oil rig extraction.
  • The conflict between the Cabal and the Sanctuary heightens.
  • The Tokyo Sanctuary.

For more read:  Looking Forward At Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary Season 2 Trailer 1


  • Helen Magnus  Played by Amanda Tapping
  • Will Zimmerman Played by Robin Dunne
  • Henry Foss Played by Ryan Robbins
  • Kate Freelander Played by Agam Darshi
  • John Druitt aka Jack the Ripper Played by Christopher Heyerdahl
  • Nikola Tesla Played by Jonathan Young
  • Clara Griffin Played by Christine Chatelain
  • Ashley Magnus  Played by Emilie Ullerup

More on the cast and picture here

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