In Theater: Quarantine

This movie appears to be a bad mash-up of Clover Field, Breakout, Zombie films & bad “Shaky Cam” Shots.  I was turned off from this film from the moment the trailer started rolling and all it showed was herky-jerky motions, and nauseating shaking camera shots, and what will inevitably be a bad up-close snotty nose weeping into the camera scene where the director has the actress tell us how scared we are supposed to be instead of actually scaring us.  I’m tired of cheep tricks in my horror / thriller films.  I miss the days when they actually built up suspense and made me jump in my seat.  Not even a renter. Let me know what you think.  Will you go to see Quarantine in the theater on October 10th or rent it?  If you have seen it in the theater should I go see it and why?

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Theater or Renter October 2008

It's time once again for our favorite game "Theater Or Renter?" For October we have eight movies. Rules of the Game: Watch the trailers. Rate the Trailer. Then Put in your comments below the trailer: does the trailer and buzz make you want to watch it in the theater, rent it, or not interested at all, and why?

City_of_ember City of Ember:

Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date: Oct 10, 2008

Listed as:  Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Studio: 20th Century Fox & Universal Pictures

Director: Gil Kenan

Produced by: Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman

Written by: Caroline Thompson, Jeanne Duprau (novel)

Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Toby Jones, Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, Harry Treadaway, Miles Thompson, Rachel Morton, Eoin McAndrew

The Plot / Story: A movie based on the apocalyptic book by Jeanne DuPrau.  Ember is a completely self-contained, self-maintained city.  Its founders who built the city left a box behind with instructions on how to get out in 200 years when suplies begin to run out.  That box was passed down from mayor to mayor but was lost after the 7th mayor passed before it could be passed on.  It's now year 241 the equipment and supplies that sustained Ember are running out.  (The Official Site)

Get your copy of City of Ember here


Quarantine_movie_poster Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date: Oct 10, 2008

Listed as:  Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Studio: Sony Pictures/Screen Gems

Director: John Erick Dowdle

Produced by: Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Sergio Aguero, Drew Dowdl, Carlos Fernández, Julio Fernández, Glenn Gainor

Written by: John Erick Dowdle, Drew Dowdle

Stars: Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez, Johnathon Schaech

The Plot / Story: Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartments. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by a mysterious disease which turns victims into bloodthirsty psychopaths. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew's videotape.     (The Official Site)

Max Payne:

Max_Payne_Poster Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date:  Oct 17, 2008

Listed as:  Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Studio: Twentieth Century-Fox

Director: John Moore

Produced by: Scott Faye, Julie Yorn

Written by: Beau Thorne

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Chris Bridges

The Plot / Story: Max Payne is a Vigilante Cop determined to track down those responsible for the brutal murder of his family and partner.  Hell-bent on revenge, his obsessive investigation takes him on a nightmare journey into a dark underworld.  As the mystery deepens, Max is forced to battle enemies beyond the natural world and face an unthinkable betrayal.  Based on the Game. (The Official Site)

Get your copy of Max Payne here

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom:

Noahs_Arc_Jumping_the_broom Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date:  Oct 24, 2008

Listed as:  Drama

Studio: Blueprint Entertainment, LOGO, Tall Skinny Black Boy Productions

Director: Patrik-Ian Polk

Produced by: Patrik-Ian Polk

Written by: Patrik-Ian Polk, John R. Gordon

Stars: Darryl Stephens, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman, Rodney Chester, Jensen Atwood, Jennia Fredrique, Jonathan Julian, Jason Steed, Gregory Kieth

The Plot / Story: Noah, Alex, Ricky, Chance and their significant others travel to Martha's Vineyard for a weekend wedding getaway. Drama ensues as one-by-one their relationships start to crack under the pressure of closer examination. Newly successful screenwriter Noah looks to his friends for advice as he prepares to move his relationship to a more serious level while struggling to keep his first studio movie alive. But the friends are of little help as they juggle their own issues. Elder statesmen Chance and Eddie attempt to scratch their seven-year itch but worry their marriage has permanently lost its spark. And playboy Ricky flaunts his barely legal college student fling in the face of his monogamous friends but hides a surprising secret that threatens to rock the house. Add to the mix Alex's crazy-making wedding prep, a closeted superstar rapper, a high-maintenance studio exec, and a surprise visitor and you've got the makings of a hilarious and poignant romantic comedy.  (The Official Site)

Get your copy on DVD here


Changeling_poster Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date:   Oct 24, 2008 Limited Release / Oct 31, 2008 General Release

Listed as:  Drama, Thriller

Studio: Universal Pictures

Director: Clint Eastwood

Produced by: Clint Eastwood

Written by:  J. Michael Straczynski

Stars: Angelina Jolie, Colm Feore, Amy Ryan, John Malkovich, Geoff Pierson, Jeffrey Donovan, Jason Butler Harner, Michael Kelly

The Plot / Story: Christine Collins' prayers are met when her kidnapped son is returned.  But amidst the frenzy of the photo-op reunion, she realizes this child is not hers.  Facing corrupt police and a skeptical public, she desperately hunts for answers, only to be confronted by a truth that will change her forever.  (The Official Site)

Zack and Miri Make a Porno:

Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Watch 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' Teaser

Release Date: Oct 31, 2008

Listed as:  Comedy, Drama, Romance

Studio: The Weinstein Company

Director: Kevin Smith

Produced by: Scott Mosier

Written by: Kevin Smith

Stars: Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson, Jason Mewes, Traci Lords, Jeff Anderson, Katie Morgan, Ricky Mabe

The Plot / Story: Lifelong platonic friends Zack (Rogen) and Miri (Banks) look to solve their respective cashflow problems by making an adult film together. As the cameras roll, however, the duo soon realize their true feelings for each other.  (The Official Site)

Get your copy on DVD here

The Haunting of Molly Hartley:

haunting_of_molly_hartley Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date: Oct 31, 2008

Listed as:  Drama, Thriller

Studio: Freestyle Releasing

Director: Mickey Liddell

Produced by: Jennifer Hilton, Jerry P. Jacobs

Written by: John Travis, Rebecca Sonnenshine

Stars: Shannon Marie Woodward, Chace Crawford, Nina Siemaszko

The Plot / Story: Molly (Haley Bennett) is a 17 year old girl who has physically recovered from a stab wound inflicted by her mother, but the psychological scars that remain run deep. To help her begin a new life after her trauma, her father has moved her into a new school. With her eighteenth birthday approaching, Molly is haunted by nightmares of her mother's attack upon her while dealing with the stress of being the new girl in school. Symptoms of psychosis that seem to be affecting her seem to foreshadow an onset of the mental illness that took control of her mother's life, but of several different explanations for her distress, the most unforeseen and terrifying is revealed as the truth. Ultimately, Molly discovers that her mother and others who share her mother's concerns want her killed in order to save her from a preordained life as a servant of the Devil.  (The Official Site)

Fears of the Dark [Peur(s) Du Noir:

fears_of_the_dark Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ

Release Date:  Oct 31, 2008

Listed as:  Animation,  Mystery

Studio: IFC

Director: Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire

Produced by: Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire

Written by: Blutch Charles Burns

Stars: various

The Plot / Story: A French film collection of several scary black-and-white animated segments in different styles appeal to our fear(s) of the dark.  (The Official Site)

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