Vote for: Twitter, Open Web Awards

My vote for Best Mainstream & Large Scale Social Network is easy: Twitter. Of the other nominated sites, I also use: Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace (I have to, they make me), and Squidoo, but Twitter is the only one I use everyday, continuously akin to a junkie with heroine. I cannot stop! I have tried, but I just can't.

I have tried the alternatives:

Plurk was too gimmicky.

Jaiku was too complex and no fun.

Pownce made me fear the wrath of the RIAA (Mike makes a good argument for it though)

Indenti.ca didn't have the community I wanted.

TwitterSo every time I left, I had to crawl back to Twitter. Twitter has developed a community that is unmatched for their resourcefulness and willingness to lend a hand.

Whenever there is an event, I just load up Twitter (like I turn it off) and join in the conversation. It is fun, and easy. The 140 character limit keeps it readable. As my number of followers grow and the number I follow, the brevity becomes an asset.

The apps make Twitter work.

I highly recommend that you give twitter a try and vote for it in the Open Web Awards. While you are there, follow me :)

Dancing in the Haze

Wow, the convention was amazing. Following that with the last Potter book, o, man, my head is so full of ideas that I feel like I could burst. I want to discuss the new Potter book either on Pownce or in the Forums, so when you have read it and want to talk, see you there. I have begun work on a new series/website, that I will reveal later, muhaha, my secret for now. It is eating up a lot of my time, but rest assured, Fate's Harrow is on schedule.

My head is just swimming with stories. I hope to see you on the network!