Manhwa Review: Nabi the Prototype by Yeon-Joo Kim

When we think of Valentine’s day, we often think of poetry, so for today’s post, I thought I’d bring you a book of poetry themed comics. Those of you who like poetry, but have yet to pick up a manhwa, then Nabi The Prototype by Yeon-Joo Kim is for you. A particularly beautiful passage reads:

Like the shy camellias That blossomed On a sheet of white Summer paper…

Red flowers are blooming On the surface of the snow.

Or perhaps, It is a crimson cloud touched By the sunset afterglow…

This manhwa is a group of love stories about people who have grown up together or traveled together on a great quest, whether it be a quest of distance or time. From tales about falling love with your kidnapper, to falling in love with your best friend from childhood, this book explores what love can mean in many different forms. I found the most touching tale was about an orphan who feels unwanted and unloved, but she finds out that her father, a poet, thought her name was the best poem he ever wrote.

Because of it’s poetic style, this book may be hard for straight fiction readers to understand. I found it was similar to Shakespeare in that if you did not understand it the first time, a second read and another viewpoint would bring the meaning to life.

This is a Korean manhwa, read in the English direction. The art style in this book is decidedly Korean with elaborate costuming and stylized hair. I’d recommend this book for anyone who likes to look beyond the obvious and experience love stories truly unique.

You can check out Nabi the Prototype at Amazon.com.

Breaking News: Autumn Writers Exhibition On Second life

Breaking News: Autumn Writers Exhibition On Second life October 24th – November 2nd

This is a must-do for any writer, poet, or reader.  Jilly Kidd, a poet and host of the very popular SLCN.TV show Meet An Author, is organizing the Autumn Writers Exhibition.  Jilly and her partner Hastings Bournemouth have cooked up a virtual writer’s extravaganza on Cookie Island on Second Life. ----------------- Jilly’s Press release:

After the success of the Autumn Writers' Exhibition last year we're making it a tradition and bringing it back. Last year we had more than 100 writers displaying their work for free and taking part in events and impromptu readings and music. Come along and enjoy the fun, which will end with fireworks and a main events week over Halloween.

There are three L$5,000 (Second Life dollars) competitions for best display, best poem, and best piece of prose under 2,000 words on the subject of Autumn.

This year the exhibition will be on two parcels of land next to the Written Word and INKsters areas on opposite corners of Cookie Island, joined by events in the Town Center. There's also plenty to see on this island dedicated to writers and creative people. Try out the magic carpet ride between the two towers.

Find out more about the AWE on our website http://www.writtenword.org.uk

Or, just come on and teleport to the tents here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cookie/31/176/21

Jilly Kidd -------------------- Book events on Second Life are always a great time. They will have readings, book discussions, author interviews, movies, poetry events, book trivia, writer tips, open mic events where you can read your own work for others, and much more. This is a great event to meet authors at and if you are an author, it’s a great place to network. Come enjoy the events or peruse the writer tents. Lots of free goodies!

Come check out my tent (pictured above) and grab my free coffin podcast player to put on your own SL land.

I have been asked to host the Bookstacks Horror Book Discussion on November 2nd at 12pm PST. I’d love to have you come out and discuss horror books with me.

Second Life Bookstacks Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Awen/118/157/25

Bookstacks is where booklovers meet. Bookstacks hosts the following: Book Trivia Saturdays at Noon, Discussions of books Sundays at Noon. Announcements of bookish interest are also shared on this group. For more information on Bookstacks, contact Simeon Beresford, Kghia Gherardi, or simply join the Bookstacks group.

I hope to see you there! Emerian Rich

New Amazon.com Store!

by C.E. Dorsett Did you notice the new Amazon.com store in the symposium? Now, you can easily do all your shopping through us... if you want to... please want to...

Sorry about that... just looking for a little support lately. ;-) Been busy setting up the store, preparing a poetry book, and getting ready for Nano, but I am looking forward to the vice presidential debate tonight. I will be posting a post debate wrap-up shortly there after.