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The Hobbit film Looses It's Director Guillermo del Toro

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Director Guillermo del Toro quits The Hobbit film over production delay.

"In light of ongoing delays in the setting of a start date for filming The Hobbit, I am faced with the hardest decision of my life," del Toro told a "Lord of the Rings" fan website.

"After nearly two years of living, breathing and designing a world as rich as Tolkien's Middle Earth, I must, with great regret, take leave from helming these wonderful pictures," he said, noting the film still hadn't been given the green light by MGM, the struggling Hollywood studio.

He is not totally leaving the project behind.  del Toro plans to continue working with Peter Jackson and his wife Fran Walsh on the screenplay.

It's a sad blow to the film but I understand where del Toro is coming from.  He has many other projects to work on.

Don't think of this as a delay on the project.  Think of The Hobbit project as a back burner movie project, or a nice theoretical project.  It will stay as such until it gets both a solid screenplay and the green light aka funding.  Only then will it have the chance to move forward.

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Progress Update on Hobbit Movie

Cover of "The Hobbit"
Cover of The Hobbit

In an interview with movie phone Peter Jackson helped to clear up some of the F.U.D. surrounding the status of the Hobbit movies.

  • Writing first step – check:

We've just delivered the script. Literally last week, we delivered the second of the two screenplays -- the first draft. So the studio's got both scripts now, which is a milestone

  • Next budgeting and Get Green Light – problem:  no green light for movie yet and a big hang-up because one of the studios holding rights is MGM who’s fate is still unknown.
    • Possible rewrites
  • Then Shooting schedule:

I'd be pretty optimistic that we'll be shooting before the end of the year. I would imagine October, November, we'd be shooting by. I'm not announcing it, though.

  • Editing
  • Release Date

In the interim while we wait for a live action Hobbit movie there is always the 1977 animated The Hobbit with one of my most favorite song in it to annoy Bilbo Baggins and The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy.

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Peter Jackson Shares His Ghost encounter

Man with the spirit of his second wife.
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"I woke up one morning and there was a figure in the room, she was very scary, she had a screaming face, very accusatory, she was a lady about 50 years old," Peter Jackson said.

What a fun, evocative way to describe the visage seen… the woman with the screaming face.    Though unnerving full apparitions are rare and the sharing of an experience of one is rarer.

I enjoyed hearing about Jackson’s haunting.  It’s hard at times to share these experiences.  With the public stigmatism presuming those that share these experience to be nuts.  The difficulty in collecting empirical data.  The unreliability in human senses and memory recall and the denial of the experience after it happens all lend to making sharing them hard.  All that aside many people have these experiences.

This reminded me of when Ghost Hunters International was investigating the St James Theatre.  Unfortunately they did not get footage of the woman with the screaming face.

"I woke up one morning and there was a figure in the room, she was very scary, she had a screaming face, very accusatory, she was a lady about 50 years old," Jackson said.

"It was terrifying actually, a very scary image and she was at the end of the bed and she glided across the room and disappeared into the wall.

"I sat in bed and thought, have I really seen that?" said Jackson.

"Then Fran came in. I told her about it and the first thing she said was: 'was it the woman with the screaming face?"' he said.

"Fran had seen the same woman in the same room about two years before."

Jackson said that when the St James Theatre was being restored a few years ago, people talked about the legend of the woman who committed suicide after being booed off the stage after a bad show in vaudeville days.

"They say she manifests herself in the theatre with a screaming face. Sometimes she's seen - the same ghost. She needs to learn to smile a little."

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Headlings for August 21th

Here are some quick headlines for August 20th:






  • Review: Dark Passion Play by Nightwish | dashPunk - To be honest, I could not imagine the band without Tarja, but this album put all of my fears to rest and made me fall in love with Nightwish is a deeper way than I had ever believed possible.

J.R.R. Tolkein Born

In 1892, J.R.R Tolkein, the master of Mythopeia was born.  I have mixed feelings about Tolkein since the Peter Jackson films came out. Ok, I admit that I  am a bit of a fanboy, but I am getting tired of all of the Lord of the Rings pop culture references.  I admit that the Family Guy poltergeist episode was hilarious, but LoTR used to mean something to me.  Now it is nothing more than a trilogy on the self.  I read the Silmarillion again recently, and pray that they don't make a film out of it.

These words are not going to be welcomed by a lot of people, but I have to say it: Sometimes the movies corrupt the books.  I am burned out on LoTR for now.  I can't wait of the day when the pop culture forgets about Tolkein and for his legacy to be returned to the people who care about the books, not the money.