Underworld - 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video Remastered

A while back we brought to you a brilliant fan Underworld 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video.  This amazing fan video uses 7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish as the soundtrack and footage from the three Underworld movies.

John The Rogue Demon Hunter revisited his masterpiece remastering it and making the vid even better!

  • He improves the scene transitions making them seamless.
  • The timing is impeccable even the steps are now in time with the music.  In particular I love the timing with the moment latter in the video when Selene lands in the water... just spectacular!
  • There is now a juxtaposition between the intimate moments of Lucian and Sonja and the torture moments.

Underworld 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video

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Thanks to John The Rogue Demon Hunter from the community at Project: Shadow.  This amazing fan video uses 7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish as the soundtrack and footage from the three Underworld movies.

I love how the entire video is like a meta contemplation by Selene about the days to come in the war with the Lycans and the causes behind the conflict that started the war in the first place.

The opening was nice.  I particularly liked the use of the text "Underworld" to help give context for those not familiar with the movies.

I really enjoyed that he features the love story that underpins the conflict both in the past and what fuels the present conflict.

Featuring Vincent is also a nice touch since he is the antagonist throughout.

Overall what a great job and a beautiful homage to the Underworld story and Nightwish.

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Headlings for August 21th

Here are some quick headlines for August 20th:






  • Review: Dark Passion Play by Nightwish | dashPunk - To be honest, I could not imagine the band without Tarja, but this album put all of my fears to rest and made me fall in love with Nightwish is a deeper way than I had ever believed possible.

Review: Dark Passion Play by Nightwish

[reus name="Music Review" meta="cd=Dark Passion Play&artist=Nightwish&release=October 2, 2007&recorded=September 15, 2006 - spring 2007 in London, Hollola, Kerava and Helsinki&genre=Gothic Metal&length=75:43&label=Roadrunner Records&rating=10&series_id=4697"]Dark Passion Play is Nightwish’s first album since Anette Olzon replaced Tarja Tururen. To be honest, I could not imagine the band without Tarja, but this album put all of my fears to rest and made me fall in love with Nightwish is a deeper way than I had ever believed possible.  They sound a little different than they once did, but the new energy and life in their music is a welcome change.  For my money, this is the best Nightwish album yet.

  • The Poet and the Pendulum stars-5 A lengthy and mesmerizing song in 5 parts featuring Anette’s voice.  The power and beauty of this track is trademark Nightwish.
  • Bye Bye Beautiful stars-5 (watch the video) A passionate song about the dismissal of Tarja Turunen, the bands former lead singer.  The anger is obvious, but the song is so catchy, you cannot help but bob you head to the tune and laugh.
  • Amaranth stars-5 (watch the video) It is hard to pick favorites on this album, but I cannot here this song, so watch the video often enough.  This track carries you through a wide range of emotions.  Truly epic in scope.  My perspective on the song is clouded by the video, which is absolutely brilliant.
  • Cadence of Her Last Breath stars-5 (watch the live video) This song is at odds with itself: its appreciation for beauty is juxtapositions with a mad loner chasing his victim.  The story will frighten and move you at the same time, brilliant.
  • Master Passion Greed stars-5 The hardest song on the album.  “Mammon, opiate of the masses,” this song is the tale of Greed and is feasts on life, taking everything away.
  • Eva stars-5 The softest song on the album.  The story of Eva dreaming of a happy world where she is not alone, and the people are kind.  It reminds me of myself as a child.
  • Sahahra stars-5 Banished to the desert by the Pharaoh, the caravan of a man faces the horrors of the desert.  This would make a great book of Dune like proportions.
  • Whoever Brings the Night stars-4 The evils lusts of the night haunt this song.  It is a great song if it were performed by any other band, but for Nightwish, this song is not up to the high standards I have come to expect from them.
  • For the Heart I Once Had stars-5 The story of love lost never again to return, this song will pull on your heart strings.
  • The Islander stars-5 (watch the video) An ancient mariner looks back on his life from the edge of the world, smiling at the beauty of all that he has had, and knowing that he is now one of the unseen.
  • Last of the Wilds stars-5 An instrumental track that will take you away.
  • 7 Days to the Wolves stars-5 I feel like I am missing a cultural reference.  The song is about a group preparing for the wolves to come for them.  I get the feeling that this is a song about bravery.
  • Meadows of Heaven stars-5 Ghostly brilliant, the beauty and mystery of life as a dream that is our life.

Dark Passion Play is available through Amazon and Nightwish - Dark Passion Play.

Top Ten Artist of the Week (12 Aug 2007 – 19 Aug 2007)

I have been listening to a lot of music lately, the writing is in full swing, so I thought I would share my Top Ten Artists from Project: Shadow’s Music Profile at I must say, I was surprised by the list a little, and as usual there are a lot of ties. My top 10 this week has 13 Artists in it. Not because it is such a luck number but because there are 10 songs tied for the number 4 slot on the chart. 4. Rob Zombie, Nightwish, Ann Wilson, Meat Loaf, Dio, HIM, Leave's Eyes, Type O Negative, Fields of the Nephilim, and Blackmore's Night.

  • Rob Zombie
    • I saw the trailer for the remake of Halloween, at at first I was angry. This is not the kind of film that needs to be remade. Then I saw that Rob Zombie was doing it. I shrugged and thought to myself that it could not be all that bad, and found myself playing more Zombie. My hopes are up.
  • Nightwish
    • What can I say? I am surprised they didn't make it higher on the charts. Slaying the Dreamer is very close to my heart right now as I am writing the next chapter in Fate's Harrow.
  • Ann Wilson
    • Her first solo album is not out yet, but the Podfather played a track on the Daily Sourse Code, and I ran to the Podsafe Music Network right away to check it out. They have 2 tracks from the new album, Hope and Glory, Where to now St Peter (which she sings with Elton John) is an amazing tune, and her cover of the Immigrant Song blew me away. I am looking for ways to feature them in the Podcast.
  • Meat Loaf
    • What? Don't look at me like that! I am writing, I need the drama and Meat Loaf is good to write too. He was in the Tenacious D movie so, he is cool! Back off buddy. j/k
  • Dio
    • For some reason, his Magica album has been in my thoughts lately. Probably because I want to make an animated film out of it.
  • HIM
    • This is all Pandora's fault. I have been listening to Pandora a lot lately, and I am beginning to realize that I kinda really like HIM.
  • Leave's Eyes
    • Legend Land is the soundtrack of my fiction right now. I cannot wait for the next album.
  • Type O Negative
    • I have really been looking for more music like the song Enemy of the State from Roadrunner United, but I have not found anything. If you know of any songs like it, please send me a note. In the mean time, I am I glad to fill my ears with Type O Negative.
  • Fields of the Nephilim
    • The Nephilim are one of the greatest bands ever. What more can I say?
  • Blackmore's Night
    • Pandora recently introduced me to this band. They are an amazingly fresh and exciting. Most of the write ups on them I found call them Gypsy Rock. Medieval meets classic rock, it is an instant winner.

2. Queensryche and Paul Stanley

  • Queensryche
    • One of my all time top artists, for sure, but lately, I have been getting more and more songs stuck in my mind. Man, I wish their tour came closer to me, I would love to see them live again.
  • Paul Stanley
    • Songs like "Live to Win," "All about you," and "Wake up Screaming," have become instant classics for me, I just can't hear them enough. There may not be any more Kiss albums coming, but I hope Paul keeps them coming.

1. Kiss

  • Ok, I am sure you saw that coming. This has been a back to basics week for me, and there is no band closer to my heart than Kiss, and here they are yet again at number 1!

So that is my chart. What is yours? Lets talk in the Forums (link)