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Review: Watchmen

watchmen Review of:  Watchmen Overall Rating: 10

Watchmen is a brilliant and great example of how a movie can stay true to a story, be artful and free of bone idle Hollywood pandering.  I loved it and will watch it over and over again.  Everyone should watch this movie it will enrich their lives and make them think.  That said there are also some warnings.  It does not have a happy ending.  It does not have likable characters.  It will make you think.  Watchmen is not the film to watch if one is expecting a light or fun movie but it is a great film.

The Messages in the Watchmen:

  • costs and consequences of actions and in actions
  • why we need to be careful about what we really want and how that might effect our society as a whole
  • How each individual’s actions not only impacts themselves but the society as a whole for better or worse.

Final prognosis:  Go see it, take your friends, give yourself time to discuss the experience, watch it over and over again, it will enrich your life but if your seeking something fun then wait don’t go see it.


  1. The overall experience was a brilliant and thoughtful exploration of the human condition which makes us think about ourselves and our society.
  2. Afterward I was left thoughtful and reflective glad that our society didn’t walk down that path.
  3. visuals were stunning
  4. The music was perfect and the same from the comics.
  5. The setting looked like it came right from the pages of the comic they took great care to get everything to look good.
  6. blood and guts were at an appropriate level for the type of film but there are a couple of places it’s pushed a little far.
  7. I really enjoyed the pace for an almost 3 hour movie it didn’t feel like I was there for 3 hours.  I’m not even sure if I even blinked.
  8. The acting and casting was spot on.
  9. They stayed true to the comic with a few minor changes added 3 scenes and I was bummed there was no squid monster but with those changes the overall story was unchanged and the messages were unchanged.
  10. they kept most of the flashbacks in the film.  A few minor characters were cut but nothing to change the film from the book.
  11. I wished that the story of the black freighter was left in movie but I understand it being cut for time reasons and it helped to keep the story from becoming preachy or too dark.
  12. I was enriched and glad for the experience of the Watchmen.
  13. I was amazed that they were able to pull off nudity and sex scenes without it  becoming pornographic.
  14. loved playing “where in the world is Walter” game, that is trying to find him and Pyramid in every scene.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. I’m concerned that the typical American audience member will not be able to handle a dark story without a happy ending that will make them think about themselves and the society they are creating.
  2. They changed Rorschach from a sociopath into a psychopath by changing they way he kills the guy.  I found this bothersome because it changes some of the psychology behind the character and I don’t understand why they made that choice.
  3. I’m concerned that the audience won’t get that this is progressive speculative fiction since the characters are  not likeable and a society that is not likeable.  What makes this progressive is that the Watchmen makes the audience think about how they are interacting with their society and how the watchmen is put forth as a warning of what path not to go down.

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DVD Releases: March 4th, 2009

Out this week we have Three DVD’s to feature: Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic, Rick and Steve: The Complete Second Season, Wonder Woman 2009.

  • Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic:   This is an owner, the quality of this presentation of the Watchmen is amazing. For more on Watchmen Motion Comic: Review: Watchmen Motion Comic
  • Rick and Steve: The Complete Second Season:  The second season of this saucy puppet show chucked full of gay humor and social commentary.  This is a definite owner for me as a fan of irreverent humor that also makes you think.  This show has also given me many quotable lines.
  • wonder_woman2009Wonder Woman 2009:  The latest of the direct to DVD animated superhero movie.  Ares is plotting to use an ancient artifact called the Hand of Rage to decimate the human race, starting with the Amazons.  It's up princess Diana to use her unique powers to save her people by becoming Wonder Woman. This animated tale features the voices of Nathan Fillion, Rosario Dawson, Jason Miller and Oliver Platt. For more on Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman Animated Movie Trailer and Clip

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Review: Watchmen Motion Comic

Review of:  Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic Overall Rating: 10    Watchmen - Watchmen Motion Comics

get your copy of Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic here and help support the project

The Watchmen Motion Comic is an amazing compelling experience to watch!  I really enjoyed it.  This is a direct translation of the comic from book to an audio video format.

For those out there who might be concerned that the movie will be too baroque to be understood this is a great opportunity to understand and experience the Watchmen as it was originally intended.

If you would like to learn more about what a motion comic is read my post on Exploring: Motion Comics

The visuals are pulled right from the pages of the comics which are just stunning.  When I started watching the motion comic I got lost in the art work.  Just sitting there mouth slightly a gape with eyes stuck on the screen, a pure moment of static arrest.

The motion for the visuals are done mainly with camera zooms and panning.  That said they also use a lot of actual movement within a panel and Rorschach’s mask does move but remains true to the expression that he would have for the respective panels.

The audio part of the motion comic is brilliantly read.  He reads all of the parts which for those not familiar with the medium can be a little confusing at first.  This is easily overcome with the amount of emotional acting and personality that is brilliantly captured for each character so as he reads them they have a distinct feel and style that is also true to the characters.  He actually got them to sound as I thought they would sound in my head!

To get a good feel for what the motion comic looks like watch this video of the Watchmen movie trailer redone in a motion comic style.  While I do not believe that the visuals are cut directly from the motion comic I would not be surprised to find out that they were.

The motion comic consists of 12 chapters about 30 min long totaling 5 hours of awesomeness!

It is now available on iTunes Watchmen - Watchmen Motion Comics which is how I got it and on Tuesday March 3rd they will release the DVD copy which can be picked up here Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic.

For more on Watchmen and the movie read here.

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Exploring: Motion Comics

Marvel Motion Comics With the growing technologies and exploration of new means of story telling we must ask: What are the next steps for comics and comics creators?  Marvels answer:  Motion Comics.

What Are Motion Comics?

A storytelling format that remains true to the heritage of comics panel-by-panel graphic storytelling and imagery but adding limited motion and sound.

This process was first explored by Broken Saints and a few others in 2001.  At the time they were calling them flash graphic novels and not Motion Comics.  Though the name is was different the process was similar.  They contained comic page images, panning camera effects to create the illusion of limited motion, and audio.  Justice League of America Heroes also released a really neat motion comic as a promotional tool for the video game.  For more on Broken Saints check out their official page or the Wikipedia article.

Why Make Motion Comics?

"They're being built to reach out to our fans as well as our comics readers..." "...Basically [we want] to have it for them when they want it, where they want it and how they want it."  Said Quesada.

This is a great answer… making motion comics so that their stories can be brought to the fans in a more attractive and convenient manner.  No better aim needed.

How Will they Distribute the Motion comic?

“Plans currently include iTunes and other digital distribution outlets,, probably our Marvel YouTube channel and other streaming websites, and we're also exploring distribution via DVD and mobile as well."

I like that they are exploring multiple avenues keeping in line with making it available to everyone.  The final plans are still being ironed out but I hope they explore other monetizing avenues too like donations and add supported models in addition to being able to just buy it.

Will Marvel do something original for Motion Comics or will we see only the older comics being translated over?

For now they have been translating Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men into a Motion Comic.  For more read Exploring: Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic.

They have also started working on Spider-Woman which will be an original Motion Comic made exclusively for that format.

"Then the idea of Spider-Woman sort of came out of that. [We thought] let's try to do something original and brand new that perhaps is constructed for the motion comic, instead of taking something that's been previously done and trying to animate it."

For more check out the Marvel Motion Comic Page.

(via Marvel)

Exploring: Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic

Get your copy of the Astonishing X-Men here Marvel is moving forward with translating the Astonishing X-Men series into the motion comic format.  Watch the trailer and the first episode below, streaming online.

About The Astonishing X-Men:

The Astonishing X-Men was a limited marvel comic series.  The first run was written by master storytellers Joss Whedon and art by John Cassaday.  The series began in 2004.  Get your copy of the comic here.  More on the comic run here.

The Plot / Story: They’ve vowed to protect a world that hates and fears them, but what if they could leave that all behind?  When Dr. Kavita Rao discovers a “cure” for the mutant condition, the X-Men must deal with the fallout. Will the Children of the Atom embrace the opportunity to become like normal humans or fight for their race to survive? The alien warlord Ord may not give our heroes the opportunity to decide when he launches a violent attack on the Xavier Institute!  Can Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and Beast overcome the odds and astonish the world? Lucky for them, an old friend stands ready to provide a helping hand…

Now this comic can be enjoyed in a new format as a Motion Comic.

What are Motion Comics?

Motion Comics are when the pages of the comic move and have audio.  For more on motion comics read: Exploring Motion Comics.

The first episode is out!  Watch is streaming here.

Get your copy of the comic: