Merlin, Ogers and Disappearing Food

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Have you ever been in a social situation where eating the contents of your plate is required but not desired?  If you are planning on throwing the food into the water heed my warning.

While watching Merlin episode 205 Beauty and the Beast: Part One Lady Catrina being an ogre finds human food revolting.  She has to eat to keep up pretenses with the king.  While picnicking she tosses the food from her plate into the river to give the appearance of having eaten the food.  Warning this will not always work.

As a small ogre or as some might mistake a child I would refuse to eat vegetables, they were repulsive.  My parents decided to imprison me at the dinner table until the vegetables were eaten.  I sat near the fish tank.  Fish eat plants so I figured they would eat vegetables too.

When my parents weren't looking I would secret some of the vegetables into the tank.  After a while my plate was cleared and I retreated into my cave (basement).  Several hours later I heard the dreaded howl from my mother.  She found the vegetables floating at the top of the tank.  The fish had failed me and I was busted.  She loves telling this tale.

That is my warning.  If you wish to try and clear your plate don't presume throwing it into a body of water will remove the evidence.

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SF News Bites: Glee, Merlin, Iron Man 2 and Stone Age Medicine


Season two brings us hope and promise for Kurt to find a new boyfriend.  I'm excited over this prospect because Glee has a track record of being very respectful in their portrayal of minorities.  In addition to that they have done such a great job in representing Kurt as a gay character especially in the episode when he comes out to his friends and family.  (via 365gay)


Merlin Season two will be aired in the US on SyFy starting April 2. (via Whedonesque)

Iron Man 2

For those chomping at the bit to see anything out for Iron Man2 there is a gallery of pictures via Filmonic.  They are stills of the main images represented in the trailer Iron Man 2 Official Trailer and video.

AD/DC has a new album due to release April 19th called AC/DC: Iron Man 2.  It's a collection of their songs to be featured in Iron Man 2.  Preorder your copy here: Iron Man 2 (Deluxe CD/ DVD Package). They have also posted a video of "Shoot To Thrill."  (via AC/DC)

Stone Age Medicine

Bit of Odd news, stone age medicine more advanced than thought.  Evidence found to show amputation performed in sterile conditions (via Unexplained Mysteries)

Review: Merlin 102 Valiant

Review of:  Merlin 102 Valiant Overall Rating: 9

When Merlin learns that a knight is using a magic shield to cheat at Camelot's annual sword tournament, he must expose him before Arthur becomes the next night to die.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

Valiant is a fun episode and will be a lot of fun for fans of renaissance fairs and social combat.  I liked the sword tournament and watching Merlin try to figure out how to assemble Arthur's armor.  The mystery and obstacles have a more Harry Potter feel to it which I enjoyed very much.

Merlin's obstacles were not the typical ones found in fantasy stories and the solutions are not permitted to be standard by the setting.  It's fun to watch a hero that can not directly stand against their obstacles and advisories instead they have to empower another to do it for them.  It creates a more symbiotic relationship between Merlin and Arthur and the situation encourages more creative solutions to the obstacles.


  1. the courtly intrigue
  2. the obstacles that are put in Merlin's path and watching how he overcomes them.
  3. the swordplay getting to see the game.

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Review: Merlin 101 The Dragon's Call

Overall Rating: 9.5

Merlin arrives in Camelot and learns that King Uther has forbidden magic, which is punishable by death -- yet, it is magic he uses to save the life of Arthur, the king's son.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

The Dragon’s call, the pilot show for Merlin is really well done.  It’s a great fantasy show and a well constructed pilot.  They did a wonderful job introducing thoroughly and succinctly the main character’s, establishing the setting and showing us the magic of the setting.  The writing is solid and a nice take on the Arthurian legends.

The look of Merlin is well done, I was particularly impressed with the castle used for Camelot.  The show starts out with a Camelot in the background and at first I thought ‘wow what a nice use of the mat painting effect.’  They zoom in and I was even more impressed because it still looks really nice.  Then they get up close and I realized it was not a mat painting effect but it was a real set or a real castle!  After watching a making of special I was pleased to find out that the castle is a real castle in France.  I very glad they used that for the setting because it adds so much to the believability to the show.

I really enjoyed how magic is handled in Merlin.  Fantasy shows turn me off when they claim to have magic but push for a realistic look by removing and muting most of the magic.  I’m also disappointed when a fantasy show goes so over the top with the magic that they undue the immaculate reality making it hard for me to get into the show.  In Merlin they struck a nice balance in the setting where there is magic, it occurs, it looks really nice but it is not over the top.

The characters are likeable, charming and show room for growth.  This is very promising for a pilot and I can’t wait to see what happens with Merlin, Morgana, Guinevere, Gaius, and Arthur.

Merlin is a must see for fantasy fans, and I would recommend it for everyone as well.  I look forward to watching future episodes of Merlin and am thrilled to know that the BBC are already working on the next season.


  1. Very good job introducing the setting, characters, and rules.
  2. The look of the magic
  3. the set up for how magic works:  there are spells, enchantments and natural / elemental in nature.
  4. Merlin character is likeable, charming, he has talent but unrefined, he has noble characteristics, and hot,
  5. I like the shift in focus where Arthur is a spoiled noble ass and the focus is definitely shifted onto Merlin.
  6. I love the introduction of Guwen with her watching from the window
  7. very intrigued with Morgan and how she was set up
  8. the witches spell rocked with her singing the song and stuff slowly changing
  9. Merlin’s teacher being a physician / alchemist
  10. the use of a real castle in France… i thought it was a matt painting effect and a really good one but they kept getting closer to the point where i realized it was a real castle.
  11. good fantasy show
    1. two inept guards
    2. A Dragon
    3. the young adventurer in a new town picking fights without discerning who they are fighting with.
    4. lots of magic
    5. Sword play aka medieval weapon play daggers, morning star!!!, ect.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. the music is a little lighthearted at times when not necessarily appropriate like the fight scenes between Arthur and Merlin

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Exploring: Merlin

merlin-tvNBC will air the first two episodes of the BBC drama show Merlin on Sunday.  Merlin is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the mythical wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur.  The show features a young Merlin who is facing a Kingdom where magic is outlawed and the last dragon is imprisoned.  Watch the trailer below.

Above is the BBC trailer below is NBC's trailer... it's fascinating  to see the differences between the two trailers.  Which one do you think is better?

I'm really looking forward to watching Merlin because the BBC has a track record of producing good shows and because Anthony Head is in it, Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mr. Finch in Doctor Who.

Anthony-head-uther-merlinThe pilot, "The Dragon's Call", is about Merlin at the cusp of adulthood, heading to Camelot where he hopes to find adventure and a use for his hidden talent: Magic.  However at the mythic city, he finds all is not quite as he'd dreamed.

The second episode, "Valiant", is about Camelot's annual sword tournament.  Knights from throughout the realm come to compete.  Among those hoping to win the crown is Knight Valiant. Armed with a magical shield, Valiant will stop at nothing to win his prize.  Merlin tries to expose Valiant as a cheat, but even those closest to him do not believe his claims.  Battling with his faith, friendships and destiny, Merlin attempts to stop Valiant's evil scheme before Arthur becomes the next knight to die.

All thirteen episode of the first season have already aired on the BBC and for those with access they can be streamed online here.

Let me know what you think.  Will you watch Merlin?  If you have watched it should I watch it and why?

For more on Merlin:

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