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Which Mass Effect Story To Tell In Movie?

Mass Effect poster
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Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to the BioWare game series Mass Effect. I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich has been assigned to write.

THR says that Avi and Ari Arad will produce with Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni from Legendary. The project is early in development; Warner Bros. would co-finance and distribute worldwide.

The Mass Effect setting has the potential for several great movies.  The game unfolded an interesting interstellar setting.  A setting that inspired not only a second game but also many books.

If you were to write a Mass Effect Movie what storyline would you tell?

Would the movie be a disservice to the fans if they were to just pick a storyline from the games and tell that in the movies?

Should they pick one of the novels and turn it into a move?

Or would you continue the setting and tell a new story from within the setting Mass Effect games?

Check out some of the Mass Effect books here.

Get Mass Effect Games here.

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Vlad’s Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2’s new voice talent, Vlad the Impaler not a vampire? and Clash of the Titans poster.

Mass Effect 2:

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Michael Dorn is added to the voice cast for Mass Effect 2.  I love Michael Dorn's voice.  Best known for his role as Worf in Star Trek, he has lent his voice talent to many projects.  I espically enjoy hearing Dorn’s voice on the Discovery specials and other science shows.  He will be a great addition to mass effect 2.   Mass Effect one is so good, I’m really looking forward to the second game.  (via TrekToday)

Vlad the Impaler:

Vlad the Impaler is better known as Dracula was thought to be another vampire move turns out to be about the historical figure instead.  I would be interested in seeing a movie based on the Historical Vlad. Those comparing it to the likeness of 300 concerns me, I definitely don't need another homophobic movie.  (via /film)

Clash of the Titans:

The movie poster is out.  How can a movie with a fairly cool and exciting trailer have such a bland movie poster? I would expect this quality for the box art on the DVD but a movie poster! Honestly? (via /film)

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