Exploring: Glee Season 2

I'm so excited that Glee is returning with a new season!  This is one of the best shows that is also not your typical musical show.  What makes Glee so great is it's engaging story line, many characters to care about, great lessons like follow your bliss and be who you are, promotion of mashups and singing that is often better than the original scores.

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What will Season Two Bring

  • Everyone in New Directions (Schuester's Glee Club) is preparing for the Regional competition against their main opponents Vocal Adrenaline
  • Kurt will find a boyfriend
  • The Finn and Rachel relationship will take some rocky turns:  Rachel starts dating the star of Vocal Adrenaline  Jesse St. James as he comes between them meanwhile Sue will have Santana Lopez and Brittany try to seduce Finn.
  • We will get to see how Will Schuester and  Emma Pillsbury handles their relations ship in the aftermath of Will's divorce and with both admitting openly their feelings for each other.
  • April Rhodes will return hopefully with a successful story about her time on Broadway.
  • Olivia Newton-John will make a guest appearance this season.  She will join Sue Sylvester in a musical number together.
  • The Power of Madonna is the second episode of season two featuring 10 Madonna covers!  We will also get to see Sue go gaga over Madonna which I love to see Sue excited over anything other then destroying and strong arming others.

Glee Season two premiers April 13th

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