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WTF Star Trek Super Bowl Ad!?!

Star Trek Super Bowl Ad

The ads for the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie are just painful to watch.  I am not sure if they are for Lethal Weapon in Space, Speed: Warp 10, Star Wars: The Vulcan Chronicles, or Cloverfield 2: The Future of the Beast.

Think that last one is over the top check this out:


/film caught this banner for Tagruato, the evil company from Cloverfield in hanging from a building in the trailer.  A great catch on their part, and yet another reason for me to be a little freaked out by the new movie.

The last thing Abrams should make any of us think about in conjuction with with new Star Trek movie is one of the worst flicks he ever made.  Great way to make me worry more about the flick.

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