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Fresh music to put a Spring in your step

I know the music industry is having a hard time right now, but there is next to nothing new or for that matter good coming out this spring.  There are two shining exceptions:

Lessons Not Learned by Underground Blues Division

Lessons Not Learned is the debut album from the hardest working band in Electric Blues today!

Thoughtful, driven, and passionate rock in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix with a dash of punk, Underground Blues Division captured the intensity and power of the uncompromising stage show on this album.

Crazy Avenue, Long Way Down, and the title track Lessons not Learned are destined to become standards played so often you burn a hole through your iPod.

This album returns rock to its blues roots, full of rebellion, angst, and cries against the system.  I cannot count how many times I have seen the boys in concert, and thanks to this album I can take the fun with me.

Wise up, and let these rockers take you to school with Lessons not Learned, available at The Underground Blues Division - Lessons Not Learned.

Volume Two by She & Him

[reus name="She and Him Volume Two Listen"] Zooey Deschanel spits in the eye of the sophomore jinx with Volume Two by She & Him.  Melodic and mesmerizing, Zooey's breathes new life into the spirit of the 50's and 60's female crooner.

Laden with Torchsongs, danceable tracks, and songs that will bring a smile to your face, Zooey reminds me of Leslie Gore, Nancy Sinatra and Petula Clark, and her music is destined to be remembered along side theirs.

Volume Two surpasses Volume One in power, beauty, and warmth.  She and Him have found their groove and are carving a new niche for themselves.  I cannot think of anyone else making music like this today, if you can, please let me know in the comments.

In the Sun, Ridin' in my car, Gonna get along without you know are the best tracks on the album, but that is like trying to choose the best stones from a back of perfect diamonds.  Check it out in the MP3 player (=>) from Amazon MP3, at Amazon or She & Him - Volume Two.

Your Turn

I hope and pray I missed something.  If you know a new album that deserves to be featured in our hot spring list, let me know in the comments.