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Would you pay for a Boxee app?

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[Avner] Ronen says that the company still has yet to collect any revenue for use of its media center software, but that it's working on a way to allow content owners to charge for the Boxee Apps that they create (Contentinople).

This begs the question:  Would you pay for a Boxee App?  I might but there are a few ground rules that would have to be established:

Rules for Paid Apps

  1. Paid App channels would have to be commercial free.
  2. Paid App channels must have a free version to test the content.
  3. Apps must be cheap!  The more they cost, the fewer people will pay.
  4. Apps should be available for networks and individual shows.

Reasons I would pay for an app

  • Premium Channels: HBO and Showtime are top of my list.
  • Foreign Content: BBC iPlayer is top on my list, but I have a soft spot for Chinese and Indian TV.
  • Supporting Indie Media:  I would pay to support the Guild, Legend of Neil and other shows, but I would expect extras.

How I hope this works

I have hoped for a long time that Apple would open its platform to allow more options.  So far they haven't.  I think Media should have a tiered support system:

  1. Free: Ad supported, let me check it out
  2. Tiny Fee: Watch commercial Free
  3. Small Fee:  Own outright (The content is downloaded to my device)
  4. Modest Fee: Own outright with special features

I want to be able to watch any show and upgrade my content as I see fit.

Did I miss anything?

What would make you want to pay for a Boxee App?  What rules do you have?  What model would you like to see?

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Legend of Neil Season 2 and the Musical Episode

felicia-day-fairyLegend of Neil screened the first half of its second season last night in Los Angeles for cast, crew and press, it concluded with an epic 9-minute musical episode. And that musical was kicked off by Dr. Horrible star Felicia Day, playing a naughty fairy in love with the hapless Neil, saying, “Oh, I’m not much for online musicals,” before launching into her first number (New TeeVee).

I feel like dancing in the streets!

The opening song for Legend of Neil is hilarious, and Day was great in Dr Horrible.  I can only imagine how sick and wrong a musical episode of the Legend of Neil will be.

I have a question:

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Episode Review: Chuck 214 Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Review of:  Chuck:  Chuck Versus the Best Friend  Chuck Overall Rating: 9

Chuck's friendship with Morgan is tested when he's put on a high-level assignment to befriend Anna's new boyfriend.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I love the speech that Morgan gives on family.  This is a great example of progressive speculative fiction when he asks what makes someone family?

Best fist fight inside a car.  I love how they keep finding fun ways to have fights.

They also discuss what is a partnership?  What is a partnership built upon?  and the answer of trust.

Spoiler Alert

I really got a kick out of the real spy following the fake spy who are stalking Anna.

I can’t help myself so at about 19 minutes into the show there is a part when Lester goes into a rant and worries that the future of the band could lead to him “being found by a maid after asphyxiating himself to death while making love to himself.”  I couldn’t help but to add “It could be worse he could get sucked into a Zelda game!”  If you do not get the joke check out The Legend of Neil, it’s hilarious.

I love the touching twist at the end when Casey and Sarah are all choked up when they think Chuck died in the car.

Get you copy from: Chuck

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Legend of Neil Season 2 Confirmed

Effinfunny just confirmed that Comedy Central has picked up "The Legend of Neil" for a second season. There is no word yet how many episodes will be picked up, or how they will be distributed. The good news is, there will be more. If you are a fan of nearly obscene Legend of Zelda humor like me, this is a cause for celebration. I cannot wait to see what adventures Neil will have next.

The Legend of Neil

the_beginning_mo I am so glad that Codex shared the link to Sandeep Parikh's new project.  Sandeep, probably best known as Zaboo from The Guild, is writing, directing, and producing a new series: The Legend of Neil.

The Legend of Neil is a webseries produced by Effinfunny.com, Atom.com, and Comedy Central. Written by Sandeep Parikh & Tony Janning, this series follows the reluctant adventures of Neil- a gas station attendant from Jersey who gets sucked into 'The Legend of Zelda' and has to fight his way out.

first_blood_mo That is the clean version, and I think I am going to save the full version for the credits.  All I can say is, if you loved the Legend of Zelda and you are not easily offended, then you will laugh your butt off.

Felicia Day (Codex) will be in Episode 3!

I have a few very nit-picky complaints about their site.  When I visited, neither the RSS for there site or for the show updates were working.  I signed up for the email newsletter, but hope to switch over the the RSS as soon as possible.  If you notice that they are working, please let me know.

The Legend of Neil