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Giant Crocodile IRL

When beholding an image of a real life Giant Crocodile my first thought is astonishment.  That says a lot for someone who watches a many episodes of river monsters and other shows like it as I have.  This 21 foot long crocodile is a great reminder that large reptilian dinosaur like creatures do still exist, roam about and are a present danger even in our modern day.   

Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines - Yahoo! News)

Crocodile Sighting… Maybe Lake Placid was right?

There was a crocodile sighting in Massachusetts on December 9th 2009.  The police received two separate calls with reports of a Crocodile swimming in Fiske Pond.  They investigated both calls but found nothing.  They reassured the public that if a croc was in the water it would be lethargic due to the chilly temperatures. This whole thing reminds me of the movie Lake Placid which was set deep in the Main woods.  It’s about a killer croc living in the lake eating people. It wasn’t a very good movie with a lot of unbelievable events in it like a crocodile leaping out of the water and pulling a helicopter down.  Actually the only shining moment was seeing Betty White cuss, I laughed so hard.

Now I may have to reconsider how unbelievable the premise actually is…

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